Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Change Difficulty Settings

Ghostwire Tokyo’s default ’Normal’ difficulty might not be right for you. Perhaps you’re finding you’re just too powerful and need more of a challenge. Or maybe you’re finding the combat a little too tricky to get your head around and so need to make things a little bit easier so you can soak up all the supernatural, spirit-filled atmosphere of Tokyo. In this guide, we’ll be talking you through Ghostwire Tokyo’s difficulty settings, including whether or not they affect your ability to get the Platinum trophy.

Changing Difficulty in Ghostwire Tokyo

  1. Press the Options button to open the Pause Menu, and select ’Options.’

    ghostwire tokyo difficulty

  2. Select the ’Game Difficulty’ option and then use left and right on the analog stick or d-pad to select between ’Easy,’ ’Normal,’ and ’Hard.’

    ghostwire tokyo how to change difficulty

  3. Once you’ve selected the difficulty you want to play on, press Triangle to save your changes.

    You’re now free to back out of the pause menus and return to the action in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Is There a Difficulty Trophy/ Achievement?

No, Ghostwire Tokyo does not have any difficulty trophies or achievements.

As such, you’re free to drop it right down to ’Easy’ to help you polish off any remaining trophies you might not have got yet, including transferring all of the spirits in the city or completing any remaining side missions you might not have got to yet.

That’s everything you need to know on changing difficulty in Ghostwire Tokyo. For more helpful tips and guides for your adventure across the spirit-filled Tokyo, be sure to check the links below or search for Twinfinite.

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