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Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Equip a Suppressor


Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Equip a Suppressor

Equipping a Suppressor – Ghost Recon Wildlands

There are a lot of ways to approach combat in Ghost Recon Wildlands, but the most lucrative is via stealth which can be optimized by equipping your weapon with a suppressor or silencer. This weapon part mutes the sound of your rifle firing, making it very difficult for enemies to hear the round regardless of the distance. Using them in tandem with a rifle or sniper will help you pick off targets without any of the other guards noticing they’ve been killed.

To use a silencer, you will need to first have it equipped via the muzzle section in the weapon parts menu in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Not every weapon will come instantly equipped with a suppressor, as you may need to unlock them via weapon part caches. Once the weapon has a suppressor equipped, you can then take it on an off at will without having to go through a menu system. Just aim your gun and press up on the d-pad to have your character equip or remove the suppressor.

Remember that when you have a silencer equipped, your damage will be reduced so if you need to take out a vehicle or emplacement remember to have it off first. These are the bread and butter for almost every mission so try to have at least one of your weapons equipped with a suppressor, otherwise stealth will be very difficult in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

For more tips, walkthroughs, and guides, make sure to visit our Ghost Recon Wildlands wiki.

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