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6 Games Like Spider-Man PS4 if You’re Looking for Something Similar


6 Games Like Spider-Man PS4 if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man has swung its way onto the PlayStation 4, and with it one of the best open world superhero titles of all time. Players can lose themselves for hours in a lovingly crafted New York with villains to chase down, side missions to complete and a bevy of different sights and easter eggs to see. Even this amazing title isn’t infinite though, and these six games will be your best bet when the credits roll on Spider-Man and you need something similar to play. Here are games like Spider-Man PS4.

Infamous Second Son

Games Like Spider-Man PS4

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The most recent entry in Sucker Punch’s take on the superhero genre, Infamous Second Son takes everything players loved from the first two titles and cranks it up five more notches. Set in a future Seattle where super-powered conduits are hunted down as criminals, the game places players in the role of Delsin Rowe, a conduit with the ability to absorb powers searching for a cure to a conduit-caused disease that threatens his tribe on the Akomish reservation. To this end, he sets out into the heavily guarded city to find other conduits and take on their powers, and hopefully come one step closer to the conduit who attacked his family in the first place.

Boasting an excellent narrative along with quick and easy world traversal, Second Son encapsulates the imaginative wonder of learning to harness newly found superpowers in a sprawling city setting. Plus, with plenty of story and side content to get lost in, there’ll be a plenty of reason to stay in this game’s world for as long as possible.

Sunset Overdrive

Games Like Spider-Man PS4

Another title from the fine folks at Insomniac, Sunset Overdrive combines the high-flying action of Spider-Man with the explosive action of the Ratchet and Clank series for a one-of-a-kind experience. Set in a dystopian future where an untested energy drink has turned an entire city’s populace into rabid mutants, the game tasks players with gathering the outbreak’s survivors to craft an escape plan, whether that means building a plane to fly safely over the swarms of monsters or uniting the gangs of the city for an all-out assault on the energy drink producer’s headquarters.

All the while, players will blast their way through the mutated hoards with an arsenal of wacky weapons, slide and fly along rails and over rooftops, and otherwise make for one of the most stylish and energetic apocalypse survival games of all time.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Games Like Spider-Man PS4

horizon zero dawn

Even after human civilization has crumbled, the world continues on in a brave new way in Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy, one of the human tribesman who wanders the wilds of the world, finds herself drawn into a world-ending conflict when an unknown force slaughters her tribe with an as-of-yet unseen technology. With no other choice, she sets out into the world inhabited by robotic animals and beasts to find out who this force was, why they sought to kill everyone she knew and how she is tied into this strange turn of events.

An exemplary open world title, it is a blast to play from beginning to end. Developer Guerrilla Games painstakingly crafted the game’s environments to a level of detail that is hard not to be swept away by – much the same way as the world of Spider-Man – and the many different metallic beasts which wander the plains, mountains and long-lost science facilities all feel like natural inhabitants of the world. Don’t expect to put this game down anytime soon if you start playing it.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Games Like Spider-Man PS4

shadow of war

The imagination and scale of the world from The Lord of the Rings is realized beautifully in the Middle Earth series, and Shadow of War takes these elements to the peak of their potential. Set after the events of the first game where series protagonist Talion was infused with the soul of elf king Celebrimbor, the title tasks players with raising up an army and forging a new Ring of Power to take on Sauron, the dark lord who threatens to overtake the land for his own purposes. To do this, players must track down and defeat the many orc generals scattered throughout the land with magic, blade and any other tactics they can think up with the use of a varied array of powers and equipment.

A fantastic open world title that has only improved with time, SoW is a perfect change of pace from the usual city-spanning antics of Spider-Man, while still ripe with fast and addictive world traversal for those who enjoy it. Turn to this title to scratch your massive world itch, while also mixing things up a bit.

Just Cause 3

Games Like Spider-Man PS4

Who says you need superpowers like Spider-Man to fly through the air and across city vistas? In Just Cause 3, players take the role of Rico Rodriguez, a revolutionary out to free another country from the clutches of a dictator and his repressive regime. To do so, he’ll employ the full use of his arsenal of grappling gadgets, weapons and explosives to zip to and fro across the country, decimate military forces and topple monuments as the player sees fit.

This isn’t limited to a few specific targets or areas either; everything, from the tallest buildings to the smallest propaganda stands, can be obliterated in the blink of an eye, and it’s entirely up to the player to decide how it’s done. Want to demolish a seven-story statue with a pogo stick? You can do that. Want to dive from a helicopter, zip line onto a moving truck and spray a military convoy with rocket launcher blasts? You can do that too. It’s one of the most chaotic open world experiences on the market, and with a new installment in the series on its way later this year, there’s never been a better time to dive into the insanity.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Games Like Spider-Man PS4

Batman Arkham Knight

Plot points and foreseeable twists aside, it’s hard not to recognize how fun the gameplay and world of Batman: Arkham Knight truly is. Set in the sprawling world of Gotham City with a full roster of super villains and crooks to track down throughout one of the longest nights of Batman’s career, there are a seemingly endless number of different missions, tasks and challenges for players to take part in.

One could glide across the night sky in search of criminals up to no good; or, they could work their way through the main storyline, tracking down clues as to who the Arkham Knight is and why he’s assisting the Scarecrow in his mission to destroy the city; or they can set about hunting down and capturing the many mad men on the loose in the quarantined city, from classics like Two Face and The Penguin to fan favorites like Death Stroke. It’s the ideal send-off for the Arkham trilogy and its fans, and one which shouldn’t be missed by anyone who loved the fully realized fun of Spider-Man.

That does it for games like Spider-Man PS4. What games help you scratch the Spider-Man itch? Let us know in the comments below, and check out some of our other articles on the game covering topics like four small details from the game you might have missed.

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