Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age: How to Get Gil (Money) Fast

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How to Get Gil (Money) Fast in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

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Just like any other Final Fantasy game money, or Gil, is vitally important in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age. In Final Fantasy XII not only does it let you buy new equipment for your party but also magic spells, technicks, and new gambits. Because of this you’ll constantly be wanting to get as much Gil as possible in The Zodiac Age to keep your party fully upgraded. Luckily, there’s a few ways of earning money in Final Fantasy XII.

The first way to earn Gil is by completing Hunts and boss battles. Each Hunt you take on will reward you with an amount of Gil as well as items, and the amount only goes up as you take on more difficult Hunts. Additionally, defeating any boss enemies in the story that are monsters can net you a reward. Regularly check in with Montblanc at the Clan Centurio Hall in Rabanastre, and he’ll give you rewards for boss enemies. With both of these options you can keep a flow of money coming in, but the best way to earn Gil is by selling things.

A majority of enemies will drop loot when you defeat them, which are items that can be sold to merchants. They serve a dual purpose however as selling enough of certain items will unlock new packages for purchase in the Bazaar option. You’re free to sell almost all loot that you obtain. Any exceptionally rare items that fetch a few thousand Gil, however, you may want to hang onto until you get more than one. There are a few items you’ll need for quests throughout the game. Any smaller items that fetch a few hundred Gil though, you’re good to sell. Additionally, you can sell all your old equipment as you get new things for your party. It’s a good way to recover a bit of Gil after you’ve gone on a shopping spreed. Just make sure to keep up with hunts in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and remember to sell loot, and you shouldn’t have any problem.

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