FIFA 19: How to Build the Best Ultimate Team

How to Build the Best Ultimate Team in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is now out and you’ll be looking to get used to the new game’s mechanics and build the best Ultimate Team squad that you can. While player skill is probably the most important aspect in winning matches, having the best Ultimate Team you can will only help. Thankfully, doing so is quite simple and there are just three things you need to keep in mind: Chemistry, Players, and Chemistry Styles, and we’ll run down why they’re important in building the best Ultimate Team in FIFA 19 here.

How to Build the Best Ultimate Team in FIFA 19 – Chemistry

Chemistry is the first thing you need to think about when putting together your attempt at the best Ultimate Team in FIFA 19.

You need to get 11 players that both fit the meta of the game and create a team with 100 chemistry. Players from the same league get a soft chemistry link, as do those from the same nation, while those that share both a nation and league or are from the same team get a strong (green) link.

You can get more chemistry with perfect links if players are from the same nation and club, but having all players link in even the most basic way will be enough to get 100 chemistry, provided they’re in their correct positions.

The best thing to do is to aim for a team from a single league, be it Premier League or another, and improve as and when you can once you’ve got the basic 100 chemistry team set up.

Getting the Right Players for Your Ultimate Team

Once you know what you need to do when it comes to chemistry, you need to start thinking about the players you want to buy of the FIFA 19 market to build your best Ultimate Team.

Of course, the best way to quickly see which players are the best is to look at their overall rating. However, that doesn’t tell the whole story. Take for example, Jan Vertonghen, who is the highest rated Premier League CB, who won’t be the best Premier League CB in game and won’t be a good choice for the best Ultimate Team.

Players like Eric Bailly or Davinson Sanchez will be better in this year’s entry due to their combination of pace and strength, even if they’re lower rated. Then, once you’ve chosen player who has a combination of the stats that make for the best Ultimate Team, you can start looking at special cards.

Even in the first few weeks of the game being out, we’ll probably see SBC players, in-forms, Champions League cards, and maybe FUT Swap players, all of which will be upgraded versions of existing players. You can then look at adding them to your squad to get even closer to getting to the best Ultimate Team.

How to Build the Best Ultimate Team in FIFA 19 – Chemistry Styles

Getting every little stat boost you can from a player is also important to building the best Ultimate Team in FIFA 19, and Chemistry Styles help boost those that are important. However, it’s often tough to know which Chemistry Style is the best for each player.

It might be tempting to boost a player in their weak areas, such as the passing of a full back, but it’s more important to max out the stats that are important in each position and for how you play in FIFA 19. For example, Shadow and Anchor Chem Styles boost defending, physical, and pace attributes, which are important for defenders, while Hawk and Hunter boost pace, shooting, and physical, which can get the full potential from an offensive player, helping you make the best Ultimate Team in FIFA 19.

Since pace isn’t as vital in FIFA 19, there’s no need to just use Shadows and Hunters as you may have done in previous years, so take a look at all the options available. Chemistry Styles are as important as ever, so be sure to take advantage of the boosts they grant, even if they’ve been reduced slightly this year.

Also, you can now see the boosts they give by checking the Statistics page of a player’s profile in FIFA 19. Simply press R3 on the player and scroll to the right tab.

That’s all there is to know about how to build the best Ultimate Team in FIFA 19. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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