FFXIV Weekly Fashion Report Guide

How to stay on top of your fashion game for that MGP!

Image Source: Square Enix via Twinfinite
Image Source: Square Enix via Twinfinite

The Gold Saucer has a vibrant variety of games and activities for players to enjoy while they’re not out conquering epic battles and saving the denizens of Eorzea, including its very own fashion catwalk of sorts. Known as the Fashion Report, you can take on the game’s premier weekly glamour challenge that rewards you handsomely for meeting certain fashion requirements. If you’re wondering how it works, or what to expect each week, here is our very own FFXIV weekly Fashion Report.

How the Fashion Report Works in FFXIV

Final Fantasy 14 how to complete a Fashion Report
Image Source: Square Enix via Twinfinite

The Fashion Report is available very early on in the game, as soon as your character reaches Level 15 on any class and you unlock the Gold Saucer in the city of Ul’dah. While there, look for a Hyur NPC named Lewena sitting at a table on the right side of Entrance Square (X:4.8, Y:6.1), accompanied by her Lala steward. She’ll give you the quest “Passion for Fashion”, and upon completing it you’ll then be able to participate in the weekly Fashion Report challenge.

The Fashion Report is judged by a Roegadyn NPC named Masked Rose, whom you can find in the Wonder Square area (X:7.2, Y:7.3) of the Gold Saucer. You can visit him starting every Tuesday to find out the weekly challenge, which will require certain pieces of themed garments to be worn, and some of those dyed certain colors. You’ll have from then until Friday to decide what to wear, and from Friday until the end of the following Monday you can present yourself for judging.

Final Fantasy 14 how the Fashion Report works
Image Source: Square Enix via Twinfinite

When you do, depending on the accuracy of the gear items you chose and the colors you dyed them, you’ll receive a point score up to 100. If you fail the challenge but still participate, you’ll still receive a minimum of 10,000 MGP. If you manage to get a score of at least 80 or higher, you’ll receive a bonus 50,000 MGP for a total of 60,000 MGP. This makes the Fashion Report a very lucrative method of saving up a hefty sum of Gold Saucer currency for any prizes you may desire.

Also, once you accrue at least 600 cumulative points from the Fashion Report weekly challenges, the Au’ra NPC standing next to Masked Rose named Kasumi will open her boutique for you to shop from. Her stock includes various dyes, furnishings, the Spring glamour set (shirt, bottoms, shoes), an orchestrion roll, and an emote.

One final note, is that when putting together your outfit for the challenge, ALL slots (except for Off-Hand) must be filled with a gear item to qualify, even those without declared themes.

The Current Fashion Report (Week 304) in FFXIV

Here is this week’s current Fashion Report, with the preliminary info provided in-game for each themed gear item. We’ll provide the confirmed qualifying gear items and dyes, courtesy of longtime Fashion Reporter ‘Kaiyoko Star’, as soon as they become available. This section will update each week with each new Fashion Report challenge, so be sure to check back regularly.

Current Fashion Report Theme: Ishgardian Illusionist

  • Themed Item Requirements:
    • Head Piece (“Silken Things”)
    • Body Piece (“Foundation’s Forefront”)
    • Hand Piece (“Foundation’s Forefront”)
    • Leg Piece (“NieR and Far”)

How to Get a Score of 80 Points

Gear ItemDye Color (if applicable)
Head Piece – Chimerical Felt Hat of CastingSoot Black Dye
Body Piece – Any (must be dyeable)Soot Black Dye
Hand Piece – Any (must be dyeable)Rose Pink Dye
Feet Piece – Any (must be dyeable)Soot Black Dye
  • Remember that ALL gear slots (except Off-Hand) must be filled with a gear item, even ones not indicated with a weekly theme. If a specific dye color is not mentioned, it is not required.

How to Get a Score of 100 Points

Gear ItemDye Color (if applicable)
Weapon – N/AN/A
Head Piece – Chimerical Felt Hat of CastingN/A
Body Piece – Neo-Ishgardian Top of CastingN/A
Hand Piece – Neo-Ishgardian Gloves of CastingN/A
Leg Piece – No.2 Type B LeggingsN/A
  • Remember that to get the “Fashion Leader” title, you need to get at least one perfect score on the Fashion Report.

That concludes our guide to the weekly FFXIV Fashion Report. Don’t forget to check back regularly for updates, and let us know if you enjoy doing the Fashion Report.

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