Far Cry 6: Best Weapons, Ranked

The best weapons that Yara has to offer!

So you’ve landed in Yara and you’re looking to topple the corrupt Castillo regime. Well, you’re going to need some serious firepower to do that. Our Far Cry 6 Best Weapons guide will show you the best guns you’ll want to add to your arsenal to slice through the FND with ease.

8. La Sopresa – Best Sniper in Far Cry 6

far cry 6 best weapons

La Sopresa is one of the Resolver Weapons you can purchase from Juan’s Arms Dealers. It’s a 4* sniper rifle with insane damage, and an average stealth stat.

What makes this weapon stand out, however, is the fact it fires explosive rounds. This makes it great for taking out small clusters of soldiers, as well as incredibly effective at taking down choppers. Just two shots with this should be enough to send one crashing to the ground.

While it doesn’t have a suppressor on it, which doesn’t make it ideal for stealthy approaches if you need to pick off enemies from afar without, this is an absolutely lethal option.

7. Zeusito – Best Weapon for Tanks & Choppers

Tanks and choppers are by far the most annoying enemy vehicles to come face-to-face with in Far Cry 6, but fortunately, you can turn the tide of battle against them pretty easily with the help of Zeusito.

This is yet another Resolver weapon. An EMP Cannon that disables enemy vehicles, turrets, and tanks, Zeusito stands out from the other weapons that are capable of taking down vehicles easily thanks to the fact that it only disables them.

That means you can land a blast of EMP goodness on a vehicle, before sprinting over to it and hopping inside and gunning down any remaining enemies.

Is it similar to the Volta Supremo? Yes, but there’s a far better Supremo option that you’ll want to use with another of our best weapons instead. Having this available to you, even if it’s not one of your main three assigned weapons, is great for getting out of a jam when you’re pinned down by heavy vehicles.

6. The Autocrat – Best Pistol in Far Cry 6

far cry 6 best weapons

The Autocrat is quite possibly the underrated GOAT of Far Cry 6. This pistol doesn’t just look flashy, it’s also incredibly effective against all foot soldiers right up until the end of the game.

Why? Because it has Armor Piercing Rounds which means you can deal massive damage to enemies, and it’s got two mods that help play into this further.

Gut-Wrencher improves body shot weapon damage and Trigger Discipline improves aimed weapon damage. That means as long as you’re aiming down sights with L2/LT, you’re going to deal a stupid amount of damage to all foot soldiers in the game, regardless of how much armor they’re suited up in.

It’s got sky-high velocity and damage and it’s accurate enough at short to mid-range, so you can literally walk through an enemy base one-shotting enemies with headshots or two shots to the body as you go. It may not look all that, but The Autocrat is one of the best Far Cry 6 weapons by a country mile.

Want to get this Unique weapon? Check out our guide detailing where to find it here.

5. RPG-7 – Best Far Cry 6 Weapon for Explosions!

Sometimes, you just want to make things go boom. Especially so when you have a tank, plane or helicopter hunting you down across Yara. While the Zeusito can be a lot of fun, there’s no weapon in the game that packs quite such an explosive punch as the RPG-7.

Here, we’d recommend equipping the Gunslinger, Trigger Discipline and Nimble Shooter mods, as these will increase draw and holster speed, aimed weapon damage, and improve your movement speed with this incredibly weighty and cumbersome weapon on the battlefield. Without mods, the RPG-7 is great, with them, it can make you a force tank drivers across Yara will fear.

4. La Varita – Best Weapon for Clearing FND Bases

far cry 6 best weapons

La Varita is essentially a cheat code when combined with the Triador Stealth Supremo that you unlock alongside it. Both of these are obtained for completing the ‘Triada Blessings’ quest, which you can begin right at the start of the game on the tutorial island.

La Varita is essentially a gift from the gods. A 4* Resolver Weapon, this rifle has maxed out damage and allows players to shoot through walls with its Triada Mode mod. This requires you to have the Triador Supremo equipped and to activate it.

You’ll then literally be able to sit there and pick off enemies from afar through walls, tanks, and choppers. You name it, La Varita can shoot through it. On its own, that’s enough to make it one of the best Far Cry 6 weapons.

When in Triada Mode, enemies are highlighted in red, so it’s easy to spot where you need to fire. Landing a headshot in this mode with La Varita refunds the rounds thanks to its Killer’s Covenant mod and Falcon’s Eye increases the optic zoom level.

Seriously, this is stupidly overpowered and can make clearing out FND Bases or heavily guarded areas an absolute breeze.

3. Recurve Bow – Best Stealth Weapon in Far Cry 6

far cry 6 best weapons

The best Far Cry 6 weapon for stealth has to be the Recurve Bow. Completely silent and effective at mid to long-range, this bow deals more damage the longer you drawback for.

There’s a ton of different arrows you can purchase as mods for it (we opted for armor-piercing as it made headshots on all enemies a one-shot kill) and you can add a Crosshair Sight which makes it easier to see your target and line them up.

There’s also a Vampiric Triada mod you can unlock for it which grants a chance of healing on dealing damage with the Recurve Bow. Handy for when your stealthy approach doesn’t go to plan.

Above all else, the Recurve Bow is just immensely satisfying to use. Especially when you get the crunching noise of a headshot from miles off. One of the best Far Cry 6 weapons for usability and enjoyment.

2. Discos Locos – Best Gun for Catchy Chaos!

far cry 6 best weapons

Heyyyyyyy Macarena!”

When it comes to outlandish and eccentric weaponry, nothing else comes close to the Discos Locos in Far Cry 6.

Is it a perfect weapon? Absolutely not, but it is incredibly fun to use, and you’ll never get tired of the track skipping as you unload your catchy bars of punishment into an enemy’s face.

Buy its ‘Metal Discs’ mod and you can fire CDs that shatter into shrapnel dealing additional damage, and the ‘Power Ejector’ mod means your discs of 90’s goodness while dealing more damage when hitting the body.

If you’re looking for a fun weapon to use, then Discos Locos is the weapon for you.

1. SSGP-58 – Best Assault Rifle in Far Cry 6

An assault rifle is your right-hand… weapon(?) in most shooters, and in Far Cry 6, the very best one you can get is this rather fetching one called the SSGP-58. With incredibly high stats in Damage, Accuracy and Handling, this weapon allows you to mow down waves of enemies with relative ease.

What attachments and mods you whack on it is entirely up to you, but we’d recommend putting on the Resolver Reflex Sight Mk. 2 and Laser Pointer, as well as the Trigger Discipline and Vampiric Triada mods. This will make the weapon even more accurate and easy to use, while also giving you a chance of healing when dealing damage with the weapon.

It might not be quite as fun or outrageous as some of the other weapons in Far Cry 6, but the SSGP-58 is easily the most balance and well-rounded weapon you can get.

There you have the best weapons in Far Cry 6. For more tips and tricks on the game, head on over to our wiki.

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