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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Cooking Battle Guide

Ready, Set, Cook

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is filled with mini-games, and the cooking battles are just one of them. This questline sees you team up with your headquarters’ resident chef, Kurtz, to take down a league of evil chefs. Here’s how to dominate the competition in Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes’ Cooking Battle minigame.

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Unlocking Cooking Battles in Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes

The first step to unlocking the questline is to recruit Kurtz. You can find him in Hishahn. He’ll ask you to bring him the Grilled Tutava recipe, which can be found in the Treefolk VIllage after speaking to him. Bring it back to him and he’ll join the team.

Next, you’ll need to build the restaurant, which will appear in the inn of your headquarters. Here, you can speak to Kurtz to buy food, which you can eat in battle for a variety of effects.

Periodically, rival chefs from the Dark Dragon Syndicate will appear in your restaurant – speak to them to initiate cooking battles.

The Basics

In a cooking battle, four random heroes from those you’ve recruited will act as the judges. Both Kurtz and the rival chef will need to create a three-course meal.

Each of the judges has different tastes, and will award each dish between zero and five points. Whoever has the most points after three rounds will be declared the winner.

During a cook-off, you can have Nowa assist with the preparation, which will boost the overall quality of the dish, but this won’t do anything about a judge’s taste. If they don’t like a dish, they’ll react badly regardless of quality.

Eiyuden Chronicle Cooking Battle
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Cook-offs can be tricky, but it’s important to keep in mind that each rival chef will only cook a specific menu, which gives you a small but significant advantage since you face no such constriction.

Before each battle, you’ll be introduced to the judges, and get a little information about the sort of food they like, their lifestyle, or even their favorite dishes. Additionally, each dish has a short blurb underneath it when you’re building the menu, some of which tell you who likes it, albeit without naming them, and viewing a judge’s background in the divination parlor will tell you their favorite food or ingredients. Use this information to build a menu that will please as many judges as possible.

While each opponent will only cook one menu, you’re free to mix and match each time. If you’re lucky, you’ll get four judges with similar tastes, which becomes more likely as you recruit more and more heroes for the alliance. Additionally, some dishes – such as the omelet and coconut water – will consistently net you decent scores with most judges.

Each time you successfully beat a rival chef, you’ll need to leave the restaurant and wait around ten minutes for the next one to appear. If you fail, they’ll stay in the restaurant for a rematch.

Scroll of Heaven

After you’ve completed a number of the cooking battles, you’ll face the vice-chairman in an unwinnable battle. Speak to Kurtz afterwards and he’ll mention a scroll with arcane recipes – the Scroll of Heaven.

Luckily, the scroll can be found relatively easily. Head to the Seaside Cavern near Hishahn and you’ll find it at one of the harvest points. However, this area has plenty of high-level enemies: it’s wise to go prepared with some high-level heroes, but consider bringing along one or two at lower levels that you want to level up.

Once you have the scroll, return to Kurtz and you can continue the questline.

Recruiting Celia

Towards the end of the questline, a mysterious masked woman will frequently appear, and eventually challenge Kurtz to a cooking battle of her own. Once you defeat her, she’ll automatically join the alliance. Celia is a frontline fighter who attacks with her kicks, and is more than worth the effort taken to unlock her.

After Celia, there’s just one more opponent: The Chairman himself. This time, however, you’ll need to speak to initiate the duel. Wait a little while and approach him in the restaurant to initiate a cutscene. Once you defeat the Chairman, he’ll officially disband the Dark Dragon Syndicate, bringing the questline to a close.

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