Does Takemichi Die in Tokyo Revengers? Answered (Spoilers)
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Does Takemichi Die in Tokyo Revengers? Answered (Spoilers)

Does Takemichi die in Tokyo Revengers? Here's what we know.

It was a long and winding road, but the Tokyo Revengers series has finally reached its conclusion. Many friends were made along the way, but just as many were cut down as a result of the dangers Takemichi and his allies faced while trying to achieve a happy ending for everyone. If you haven’t stayed caught up on the series, though, you’re probably wondering: Does Takemichi die in Tokyo Revengers, or does he make it out alive to see the fruits of his labors?

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Fortunately for you, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for. As is to be expected, though, we’ll be digging into *Story Spoilers* in order to do so.

Is Takemichi Dead at the End of Tokyo Revengers? Answered

The good news is that everybody’s favorite Crybaby Hero doesn’t die by the conclusion of Tokyo Revengers.

Though he does come close in his final fight with Mikey – and is even stabbed through the abdomen with a sword, resulting in him bleeding out as his time travel powers activate – none of his near-death incidents do him in for good. Instead, he ends up time leaping back to when he was a kid, well before the events of the rest of the series.

He then meets up with Mikey, and thanks to the fact that Mikey has memories of the past timelines he lived through with Takemichi, he understands what happened and what they need to do. The two then work toward building up the Tokyo Manji Gang in a way that will see them and all of their friends survive, dealing with threats well before they emerge through more peaceful means. They then disband the gang once they’ve ensured everyone’s safety and move on to live normal and happy lives.

It’s a fairly sweet ending, and also one that isn’t likely to be retconned anytime soon. This means that Takemichi canonically succeeds in his mission of saving both himself and those he cared about by going back in time, correcting the timeline and finding a way to make the world the best possible version of itself.

Hopefully this cleared up whether or not Takemichi dies in Tokyo Revengers. For more on the series, check out any of the related articles down below. We’ve also got plenty of features related to anime in general, including ones on the best anime villains, the best anime rivalries, and the best anime senpais.

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