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Destiny 2: Where Is Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner


Destiny 2: Where Is Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner

Where is Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner in Destiny 2

After Ghaul and his Red Legion attacked earth and scattered the Vanguard across the lands everyone left, including the faction leaders and the Iron Lords. But, over the weeks since the launch of Destiny 2, they’re slowly returning. Now, the Iron Banner, a tournament that tests the mettle of Crucible players in exchange for some noble rewards, has finally made its return, and Lord Saladin leads the charge.

In order to actually participate in the Iron Banner activity, you’ll need to talk to Lord Saladin himself, and depending on how much time you have in the game, you may be wondering where he is. Well, he and his Iron Banner are located in the Tower, so you’re going to have to beat the main campaign with the character you want to use in order to get there. With the story complete, spawn into the Director point called The Traveler. This is actually the new section of the Tower that the Vanguard is occupying. From there head to the right, taking the stairs to get above where Lord Shaxx is standing. You’ll see a huge blazing medallion and Lord Saladin standing in front of it.

All you need to do is talk to him to gain access to the Iron Banner. The playlist for this Destiny 2 activity is found by going into the Crucible menu in the Director and choosing the Iron Banner control playlist (it’s the one with the wolves and tree). That’s all there is to it. Good luck, Guardian.

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