Destiny 2 Forsaken: Where to Find the Wanted Queenbreaker

Finding the Wanted Queenbreaker in Destiny 2: Forsaken

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With the release of the brand new Forsaken expansion, Destiny 2 has seen yet another resurgence in popularity as players are flocking back to the game to see exactly what is going on with Cayde-6, everyone’s favorite Hunter Vanguard. In the expansion, players are tasked with hunting down the space jerks who killed Cayde, and there’s tons of new content to dive into as well, including new Strikes, Public Events, Nightfalls, and a new raid. One of the early game quests will task you with finding and killing the Queenbreaker elite enemy for a bounty, and if you’re having trouble with this one, we’re here to help you out.

The Queenbreaker can be found in Trostland in the EDZ, near the church where Devrim Kay is usually seen hanging out. You should be able to warp there directly from wherever you are. Once you get to the EDZ, the Queenbreaker can either spawn in the northern part of the area, or in the western part, where the Lost Sector is located. You’ll be looking for an elite Servitor-type enemy with a yellow health bar, just like the regular high-value targets you can find in Destiny 2. Once you spot the Queenbreaker, just shoot it in its eye, which is its only weak spot, until it eventually drops and dies.

Some players have reported that they’ve had trouble locating the Queenbreaker or getting it to spawn. If it’s taking too long to show up when you’re in the area, try refreshing the instance by warping to another part of the EDZ, then coming back to the church. You can also return to orbit and come back to the EDZ again, though that will take you a few extra seconds.

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