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Deltarune Jevil: How to Find the Secret Boss (Jevil)


Deltarune Jevil: How to Find the Secret Boss (Jevil)

How to Find the Secret Boss Jevil in Deltarune

Just like in Undertale, nothing in Deltarune is ever really as straightforward as it may seem. This game has its fair share of secrets as well, and that includes a secret boss called Jevil. If you’re wondering how to find the secret boss Jevil in Deltarune, here’s what you need to know

First off, you’ll need to reach the castle and get your party back together before you can find Jevil in Deltarune. From the castle elevator, check it to find that there’s a secret basement level labeled with question marks. Go to the basement and you’ll find a mysterious figure locked up. He’ll ask you to break him out, and you’ll need to find three key fragments to free him.

How to Get the Key Fragments

The first key fragment can be obtained by talking to the shopkeeper in the Fields. Just use the magical teleporting door to head back there, talk to the shopkeeper, and choose the dialogue option about the secret prisoner, Jevil himself. The shopkeeper will then hand over the first key fragment.

Next, you’ll want to head over to the Forest for the second key fragment. Go to the area where the white pirouetting figures are circling around the different pathways. You’ll want to head to the group of white figures in the very bottom left corner of your screen. At the bottom part of the path, there will be a secret, invisible walkway for you to access, which leads you to a chest containing the second key fragment.

Finally, head back to the Fields, at the area right before the chessboard with the white teleporting lights. Take the path upwards to find yet another card puzzle to remove the spikes in your way. The password here is: diamond, heart, clover, spade. Enter the password, go past the spikes, and open the chest for the third key fragment.

How to Get to Jevil in Deltarune

Now that you have all three fragments, you’ll have to go back to the blacksmith at the bake sale area and hand them over so that he can forge the key. With the key in hand, head back to the castle basement to free Jevil and start the fight.

Just like most other fights in Deltarune and Undertale, there’s a Pacifist and Genocide version of the secret boss fight. It’s much easier to beat him through a Genocide run, as you’ll dodge fewer attacks and will be able to make things go by quickly. However, Jevil does have different dialogue, depending on whether you kill or spare him.

Regardless of how you end the fight, however, Jevil will reward you with the best armor in the game, which should come in handy for Deltarune’s final boss.

Jevil is the toughest enemy you’ll face in Deltarune, so be prepared for some bullet hell madness, and get ready to try things over and over again.

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about how to find the secret boss Jevil in Deltarune. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Deltarune and Undertale.

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