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Civilization VI Tips Guide: How to Win With a Culture Victory


Civilization VI Tips Guide: How to Win With a Culture Victory

Civilization VI gives you the choice to win in a variety of different ways. The culture victory, in particular, makes its way back to the series as a staple victory condition. This is by far the easiest victory condition you could set out on, aside from a Score Victory with a time limit of 10 years, that is. (For full information on each victory, check out our in-depth guide over here.)

The culture victory in Civilization VI is like Brave New World’s. You will need to make sure that you have more foreign tourism than every other civilization has for domestic tourism. How do you accomplish this? Focus and zero in on culture, and make sure to take advantage of any and all tourist opportunities.

Build any and every cultured-up Wonder. Recruit any and every Great Writer, Artist, or Musician. Establish their great works in the theater districts that you should build for each of your cities. Make sure you have points going towards your Great Artists, Musicians, or Writers in policy cards, and keep an eye out for any that alter tourism. Choose a leader that has a bit of an edge in tourism. And ensure that when you can build seaside resorts and national parks, you do so. Get all of the writing, music, art, artifacts, sites, and culture so that you can be a powerhouse of tourism. Simply focus in on this and you’ll see how quickly you’ll be pummeling your opponents out of the running.

For more help with Civilization VI, be sure to check out our wiki for guides and tips! For which Wonders will help you with a Culture Victory faster, click here. For which Leaders will give you an edge in your endeavor, check this guide.

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