Top 10 Terraria Seeds

Best Seeds in Terraria

Looking to add some fun to your Terraria experience? Here are the best seeds in Terraria to start your journey!

There is no game perhaps as timeless as Terraria. While it involves mining and crafting, it is without a doubt unique in many ways. From its Lovecraftian lore to its slimes dressed as bunnies, Terraria will stand out from the rest of the sandbox genre and have us hooked forever. With the recent release of Terraria 1.4.4, also known as the Labor of Love update, even more content has been added to keep players interested. As an ode to all of the new features and our adoration for the old ones, we have compiled a list of what we feel are the best seeds in Terraria.

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Here are our favourite seeds in Terraria, with everything from the familiar to the newly introduced. Remember, every seed input is case sensitive!


Image Credit: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

The Zenith or “Everything” seed is for players looking for a new challenge. It combines other world seeds such as the No traps, Not the bees, Drunk, Celebration, Constant, Remix, and For the Worthy seeds. It is quite difficult for a world seed due to this fact, since players will have a variety of obstacles to overcome thrown at them. If you feel like you want to suffer through a new boss, Mechdusa comes with this seed as well. Get ready to juggle both hunger and darkness damage on top of the new game mode the seed introduces. Yeah, this isn’t Expert or even Master. The Zenith seeds throws you into the brand-new Legendary mode. Sounds fun, right?

To access the Zenith seed, simply input one of these two lines into the seed prompt: get fixed boi or getfixedboi.

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For the Worthy

Image Credit: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

This world seed works by increasing the difficulty of Terraria by… well, a lot. Every enemy has a higher health and players will find themselves taking more damage. Instead of seeing only the normal, cute bunnies, players will encounter EXPLOSIVE bunnies. Demons are no longer normal, but now Voodoo Demons. The first NPC to be encountered is no longer the Guide, but rather the Demolitionist. Other changes include lava pools instead of water and pots dropping lit bombs. Do you think yourself worthy enough to try this seed out?

To access the For the Worthy seed, simply input this line into the seed prompt: for the worthy.

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Not the Bees

Image Credit: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

Ever wonder what a world in Terraria would look like had it been taken over by bees? Wonder no longer! You can now explore such a bee-dominated world with the Not the Bees seed. Most of your world will be made up of the Jungle biome, polluted by an abundance of Hive and Honey blocks. The starting NPC is no longer the guide, but rather the Merchant. Larvae will be everywhere. If you deem yourself a huge fan of bees, then this world seed is definitely the one for you. Just make sure you have some allergy medicine on hand!

To access the Not the bees seed, simply input one of these two lines into the seed prompt: not the bees or not the bees!.

Drunk World

Image Credit: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

This world seed is known as the Drunk World seed for a good reason. While you are generating, tips are random numbers instead of text. The background is a Glowing Mushroom biome witha backwards moon resembling a smiley face. It is never day time, but always night. When playing in the world, both the Crimson and Corruption will generate and the starting Guide NPC is replaced by the Party Girl. If you are searching for a strange experience while playing Terraria, the Drunk world seed will have you sorted.

To access the Drunk world seed, simply input one of these two lines into the seed prompt: 05162020​ or 5162020.

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Free Loot

Image Credit: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

There are items in Terraria that are incredibly desirable and useful. Two of these items happen to be the Ice Skates and the Lava Charm. If you want a seed that has both of them, then this world seed will make you happy. Both appear in the Journey world type while the Lava Charm appears in both Expert and Master as well. The Lava Charm is found at 7841′ West, 2148′ Caverns, and the Ice Skates are at 3600′ West, 256′ Underground. Hop into this seed for the free, quick loot.

To access the seed that gives you quicker access to useful loot, simply input this line into the seed prompt: 970756484.


Image Credit: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

In honor of Terraria’s 10th birthday, this special world seed was made to celebrate it. Players will spawn on the beach instead of toward the middle of the map. A party commences as soon as the player spawns, with multiple NPCs. There is Andrew the Guide, Whitney the Steampunker, Yorai the Princess, a Party Girl, and an Angora Town Bunny. Most of the world is brightly colored and treasure chests’ items always have the best modifier they could possibly have. Golden Slimes can spawn and there is a new enemy, the Jungle Mimic, if playing on Hardmode. Rare items drop rates are increased, too, and you can buy other special items such as the Slime Staff! It really is party time in this world.

To access the Celebrationmk10 seed, simply input one of these lines into the seed prompt: celebrationmk10, 05162011, 5162011, 05162021, or 5162021.

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Don’t Starve

Image Credit: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

Are you a fan of the Don’t Starve games? This world seed is perfect for you if so. New mechanics players must deal with such as darkness and hunger are present, meaning that many will struggle to make it past the beginning of the game. There are marble biomes with statues and Spider Caves on the surface. The game itself is affected by a dark shader causing everything to look a bit creepy. More items that were exclusive to the Don’t Starve crossover will drop. Give this world seed a go if you want both Don’t Starve and Terraria at the same time.

To access The Constant seed, simply input one of these lines into the seed prompt: constant,​ theconstant, the constant,​ eye4aneye, or ​eyeforaneye.

Early Dungeon Start

Image Credit: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

Sometimes, it feels a bit frustrating to not immediately have access to the dungeon in Terraria. If you have ever felt this way, then this seed will be perfect for your a new save’s experience. The Big Tree’s roots burst through the dungeon, meaning that you can access it much more quickly than you would usually be able to. No more struggling through killing Skeletron before getting some of your most sought after loot!

To access the seed that gives you quicker access to the dungeon, simply input this line into the seed prompt: 100865193.

Beginner’s Paradise

Image Credit: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

This seed provides the perfect place for beginners as it has a ton of nice and easily obtainable loot early on in the game. There are also two floating islands directly nearby where the player will spawn. If you are new to Terraria or you want a more relaxing experience, then this might be the perfect seed for you.

To access the seed that gives you an easier start, simply input this line into the seed prompt: 2014307839.


Image Credit: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

How does spawning in the Underworld sound? Good? Check out the Remix world seed. Players will start in the Underworld where there is an island of Ash with Ash Grass and Trees. No lava or Hellstone. Normal enemies found in the Underworld are instead replaced by surface enemies as long as the player stays on the island. Away from the island, the Underworld is normal. When players build a town on the island, normal Underowlrd critters will spawn on it. Progression is mixed up in other ways too, with some weapons moved around and their rarity rebalanced to match. Immediately above the spawn, players can find a Glowing Mushroom biome. In other words, this seed really changes things around for a refresh yet familiar experience.

To access the Remix seed, simply input one of these lines into the seed prompt: don't dig up, dont dig up, or​ dontdigup.

Massive Jungle Biome

jungle biome terraria seed
Image Source: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

Every now and then Terraria spits out a seed with biomes that are much larger than they normally are. Not only does this seed create a massive jungle biome, it does so right at the spawn point. Even more interesting is that it stretches all the way to the bottom of the map. Since the jungle biome is rather difficult, especially on new playthroughs, this seed is best reserved for experienced players.

Try it out using the seed:

No Traps… Or Are There?

no traps terraria seed
Image Source: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

How about something with a bit more zing? If you’re a masochist and a sadist, trick your friends into joining this ‘No Traps’ Terraria seed. Despite the name of the seed, it’s most certainly full of traps. You’ve got boulders coming from the left, boulders from the right, even boulders in the ocean. See that shiny Life Crystal? It’s a trap! Oh, there’s a chest to loot, but wait… yep, that’s a trap, too. Even mining ore can lead to a quick and painful death. Just don’t tell your friends what you’re up to.

Check it out using this seed: notraps or no traps.

The Giving Tree

the giving tree terraria seed
Image Source: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

There are some good Terraria seeds that offer a great head start, but this one hits a bit different. As far as terrain goes, it isn’t anything special. However, the moment you boot up the new map, there are free goodies in either direction, especially if you head east. You’ll find a tree housing a bunch of chests to loot.

To start off on the right foot, here’s the seed:

How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

underwater caverns terraria seed
Image Source: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

Like pyramids, you won’t run into too many ocean caverns in Terraria. When you do, it’s important to explore every block because of Water Chests. The loot you can get from them is really good, like Water Walking Boots. With this seed, there’s a massive ocean cavern, many blocks long, with all sorts of treasure to find. More importantly, there’s an Enchanted Sword Shrine at the end. It makes the entire experience worth the effort!

If you want to get in on this seed, here’s the code: 2201514445423333.

Early Enchanted Swords and Pyramids

enchanted swords and pyramids terraria seed
Image Source: Re-Logic via Twinfinite

Pyramids are pretty hard to come by; in fact, there’s a good chance that every world you generate won’t even have one. That’s a shame, too, given that it houses a great deal of treasure, including the Pharaoh’s Set, Flying Carpet, and decorative banners. I got you covered, though because this seed gives you early access to two pyramids, on in the east and another in the west. if you head west from the spawn. On the surface due east, you’ll also find not one, but three Enchanted Sword Shrines. Nice!

You can explore this map by using this seed: 1211831599.

A Very Good Seed

A seed map in Terraria.
Image Source: Re-Logic

Very good seed will allow you to get your hands on a Sunflower Minecraft and a Finch Staff. The Sunflower Minecraft is a rare cart, while the Finch Staff allows you to summon a Finch, which can fight for you.

These two items are very useful. Try to obtain them in the early phase of the game since the Finch can allow you to be at a certain distance from your enemies and away from danger.

You can explore this map by using the seed called thisisaverygoodseed.

The Crimson Desert

A seed map in Terraria.
Image Source: Re-Logic

This is an unofficial seed discovered by Fantasybabydino on Reddit. It is very useful for those players who look for Blood Altars. Look for a vast Crimson Desert located to the right of the spawn location.

There are multiple benefits of this seed. First, there are a lot of Blood Altars that are used for summoning the Brain of Cthulhu. Also, this seed is a perfect fit for farming the Crimtane Ore in your search for the Bone Rattle.

You can explore this area by using the following seed:

Those were just a few of the coolest Terraria seeds out there. Be sure to check out some of your favorites from the best seeds in the Terraria list and look through some of our other Terraria content!

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