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Best Sub-Personas for Every Character in Persona 5 Tactica

Head over to the Velvet Room to create new powers!

A brand new feature in Persona 5 Tactica is the Sub-Persona, a unique extra Persona you can create and add to your characters. Choosing which Sub-Personas to create and how to make the most out of the ones you have may seem confusing at first but on the best Sub-Personas to use for every character can make things easier.

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How to Create Sub-Personas in Persona 5 Tactica

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Sub-Personas are created by Lavenza in the Velvet Room, which is accessed either while in the cafe or before a match.

In this mysterious room, you can ask Lavenza to use her talents to combine two Personas to create something new. There are over 150 Sub-Personas to create by fusing existing Personas in the Velvet Room, and each can have a variety of effects.

Fusing Personas will create a more powerful Sub-Persona, but it is always worth reading what the expected result will be before going ahead with the fusion. Yes, you will end up with a strong power, but you will have to give up the two Personas you chose to make the new one with. It is up to you whether this will be worth it.

As you continue through the game, you will be able to create more and more of these Sub-Personas. You won’t be able to create or use any Sub-Personas that are a higher level than your Phantom Thieves though, so you will have a chance to create and try out many of them as you level up.

Each Sub-Persona you create will gain two types of skills from each Persona used to make it: unique skills the Person will always have, and Inherited Skills you choose to apply. These inherited skills can be passive, support, or damage dealing, so think about them carefully before accepting.

How to Assign Sub-Personas in Persona 5 Tactica

Your choice of which Sub-Personas to give to which character depends on your Phantom Thieves’ level and the skills you have leveled up for each of the characters. Until you have unlocked all of the Sub-Personas, you will find you will initially be assigning the highest level Sub-Personas to whoever needs them.

Sub-Personas can only be given to the main playable characters, and these eight characters already have their own initial Personas and preferred weapon. The best Sub-Personas for each character should complement their own style while also boosting the team with versatile attacks and passive effects.

Which Sub-Persona Are Best for Every Character in Persona 5 Tactica? Answered

Here are the types of Sub-Personas we recommend for each character:

CharacterPersonaWeaponFighting StyleBest Sub-Persona Type
JokerArsenePistolLong RangeDMG Boost
DMG Resist
Skull Captain KiddShotgunShort RangeDMG Boost
PantherCarmenMachine GunLong RangeDMG Boost
DMG Resist
FoxGoemonAssault RifleMid-Long RangeDMG Boost
Movement Boost
QueenJohannaRevolver and FistsClose CombatDMG Resist
NoirMiLadyAxe and Grenade LauncherVersatileDMG Boost

Choose your load-outs and skill upgrades wisely alongside these Sub-Persona, and your team should be able to smash through missions with no problem! For more hints and tips tied to Persona 5 Tactica, check out the rest of our guides below.

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