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Top 3 Best Iron Banner Weapons in Destiny 2


Top 3 Best Iron Banner Weapons in Destiny 2

Best Iron Banner Weapons in Destiny 2

Iron Banner is finally upon us in Destiny 2 and Guardians everywhere are heeding Lord Saladin’s call and proving their might in Control as the competition heats up. Why do they do it? For fame, for glory, and for some sweet new gear that can only be obtained from this event. And you gotta get in soon because like most events in Destiny 2, the Iron Banner is timed and ends on Oct. 17 at 5 AM ET.

There are some pieces of gear worth playing for, with some potent weapons that should prove to be quite useful in the Iron Banner throughout the week. We’ve picked our favorite three, and hope that you’ll acquire them and show your opponents who’s truly an Iron Lord.

The Fool’s Remedy (Energy Sidearm)

Best Iron Banner Weapons in Destiny 2

Sidearms are not for everyone, but in the right hands, they can be absolute nightmares for the opposition, especially from close to mid-range. The Iron Banner sidearm, The Fool’s Remedy, is proving to be quite handy within the new activity and the Crucible overall. It’s a Suros sidearm, so it’s fully automatic and fires ridiculously fast. When you combine that with Moving Target (better target acquisition while aiming and increased speed) as well as Ricochet Rounds, you’re a moving assassin in tight spaces that can always hit their mark. Plus, as anyone who has fallen to one of these while playing can attest to, they are tough to match up against.

The Guiding Sight (Kinetic Scout)

Best Iron Banner Weapons in Destiny 2

There’s no secret that Scouts are a major part of the current PvP meta in Destiny 2, but not all are created equal. It looks like the Iron Lords wanted to impress the masses, though, as the Guiding Sight is a pretty decent option for those players who have sworn off the MIDA Multi-tool. It’s a slower option thanks to the High-Impact Frame, but that also allows it to do a ton of damage.

Definitely go with the Red Dot 2 MOA scope for range, and Armor-Piercing Rounds to really get on your opponent’s bad side. And with Pulse Monitor, you’ll find yourself lasting the fight against other scout users.

The Steady Hand (Kinetic Hand Cannon)

Best Iron Banner Weapons in Destiny 2

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Hand cannons have proven themselves in both Destiny 1 and Destiny 2. They’re potent little bundles of death that fire slowly but pack a huge wallop. What makes the Iron Banner’s Steady Hand stand out is its impressive range. It does have a bit of a kick thanks to the Aggressive Frame perk, which also increases its damage, but it’s worth it. Just get yourself a Kinetic Stability mod. The Outlaw perk is quite useful too, as it gives you quicker reloads on precision kills, which makes a hand cannon even deadlier.

The other weapons on offer are okay as well, so don’t just immediately scrap them if you get them. But if you ask us, these are the best you can see pop up in your feed. For more on Destiny 2, be sure to check out our wiki.

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