Image Source: Recreate Games
Image Source: Recreate Games

All Weapons in Party Animals

Bonks, zaps, and jabs galore!

Party Animals is an online whack-a-pal game that lets you not only use your fisticuffs and noggin against your fluffy foes, but a whole arsenal of silly weapons to give you the advantage when you need it most. If you’re wondering just how many different ones there are, here is our handy list guide to all of the weapons in Party Animals.

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Every Weapon in Party Animals (& Special Uses, if Applicable)

Below are all 13 weapons that can randomly spawn and be used in any multiplayer mode in Party Animals. Some have slightly different effects, which we’ve indicated as well.

Weapon NameUse & Effect (If Applicable)
LollipopFirst weapon you’re introduced to in the Tutorial; a 1 or 2-handed weapon you can bonk enemy players on the head with, potentially knocking them out.
Frying PanThe ultimate comedic trope weapon; a good swing can knock out enemy players.
ShovelAnother swinging melee weapon; can send your foes flying upon a successful hit.
HammerA ‘1,000 ton’ inflatable hammer that can deal big time melee damage to any opponent.
Tennis RacketAnother melee weapon that can be used 1 or 2 handed; use it to send other debris on the field flying, or take a big swing at your friend’s mug for good measure.
Baseball BatA classic option that can also be used 1 or 2 handed to bonk your pals on the head for a brief knockout, or send them flying to the other side of the arena.
PlungerA rather unique melee weapon, you can literally stick this to the bum of your foe and use them as an even bigger weapon to swing around. Or you can leave it stuck to its target for other teammates to grab.
NunchucksProbably at the top of the Fun List in terms of melee weapons, but also equally tricky. Takes a few practice swings to get right, as you may end up bonking yourself in the face with it.
Stun GunA projectile weapon that you can use to zap and paralyze your opponent for a few seconds. Also projects a comical skeleton effect for good measure.
BoomerangAnother projectile weapon that functions very much like an actual boomerang. You can hurl it at your opponents, but just be careful where it lands.
CrossbowA somewhat less-deadly version of an actual crossbow, this projectile weapon is good for knocking the opposing team back off your turf.
BombThe biggest and baddest projectile weapon you can get your fluffy paws on; a well-timed blast can send your foes hurtling across the arena and briefly knock them out.
Ice GunSimilar to the Stun Gun; fires ice cube projectiles that turn your opponents into giant popsicles for a brief period of time.

That concludes our list guide for all weapons found in Party Animals. We hope you find this helpful as you prepare for an epically adorable battle against friend and foe alike. Let us know which weapon you like using most so far.

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