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All Starfield Religions Explained & Which You Should Choose

Follow your beliefs.

Religious beliefs are still a thing in outer space, and Starfield provides you with three different religious groups you can join up with. While they don’t necessarily have any huge impact on your gameplay experience, they do add a nice bit of flavor to the game, and may also unlock new dialogue options during conversations. Here’s a breakdown of all three Starfield religions and which one you should choose.

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Every Religion in Starfield Explained

There are a total of three main religions in Starfield: House Va’ruun, Sanctum Universum, and The Enlightened. As you might expect, they all come with their own boons and disadvantages, and which one you choose will ultimately come down to your own preferences and play style.

House Va’ruun

House Va’ruun is really more of a cultish group than a religion, as its members worship a being called the Great Serpent. What exactly is the Great Serpent? Well, think of it as a giant version of Ouroboros. House Va’ruun members also believe that the Serpent will one day devour the entire universe if humanity stops leaping and grav jumping.

  • Boon: Enjoy increased health and O2 when jumping.
  • Disadvantage: Your health and O2 will drop if you don’t regularly jump.

Sanctum Universum

Sanctum Universum seems to be the closest to Christianity and Catholicism, as its members believe in a more traditional idea of God. The belief is that the invention of the grav drive is God’s way of guiding humanity to meet them.

  • Boon: Gain access to a whole host of items in a special Universum chest in New Atlantis.
  • Disadvantage: No access to the Enlightened vendor.

The Enlightened

On the flipside, The Enlightened are the atheists of Starfield. They believe in humanity and scientific progress, and aim to spread their beliefs across the universe via outreach programs.

  • Boon: Gain access to a whole host of items in a special Enlightened chest in New Atlantis.
  • Disadvantage: No access to the Sanctum Universum vendor and chest.

Which Religion Should You Choose in Starfield?

Unless you want a truly wacky playthrough where you’re literally leaping around and grav jumping all the time, we wouldn’t recommend picking House Va’ruun. With the jetpack equipped, it’s not that hard to keep the stat bonus going, but it’s one additional thing to manage and keep in mind, and we’re generally not a fan of this one.

There’s no discernible difference between Sanctum Universum and The Enlightened; it ultimately comes down to how you want to shape your character. If you want to role-play a truly religious character who believes in a higher deity, go with Sanctum Universum. If you want to be more of a humanist and a believer of science, go with The Enlightened.

How to Join a Religion in Starfield

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Finally, joining a religion in Starfield is as simple as picking the relevant trait at the beginning of the game. The following traits will give you access to each of the three religions:

  • Raised Enlightened: Join The Enlightened
  • Raised Universal: Join Sanctum Universum
  • Serpent’s Embrace: Join House Va’ruun

That’s all you need to know about the religions in Starfield and which ones you should choose. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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