All Spells in Hogwarts Legacy by Category, With Descriptions

Everything that awaits in your magical arsenal in Hogwarts Legacy.

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When it comes to magic, it is usually a case of the more, the merrier. That is no exception in Hogwarts Legacy, where players will finally get to wield some of the more iconic spells found in the Harry Potter series. From your usual traditional fare to the Unforgivable Curses, picking up these spells will stand you in good stead as you progress through this brand-new adventure. If you are keen to learn more about all the spells in Hogwarts Legacy, you are in the right place.

Hogwarts Legacy Spells, Categorized

In total, there are a total of 23 main spells, and 8 other essential spells at your disposal in Hogwarts Legacy. Be it for solving puzzles, combat, or just aiding in your exploration, each spell has a specific use and can be combined to create even more chaos when facing dangerous opponents.

The main spells are also categorized into different colors and uses, which will come in handy during combat when facing enemies with magical shields. By using the right colored spells against the shields, you will be able to break them and cause real damage to your opponents.

All Yellow Spells (Control)

All Yellow Spells (Control) Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: WB Games via Twinfinite
  • Arresto Momentum – A great spell to give yourself more breathing space, Arresto Momentum will slow both objects and enemies, providing more time for you to plan your next move.
  • Glacius – An immobilizing spell, Glacius freezes enemies and increases the damage they will take from follow-up attacks.
  • Levioso – An iconic spell, Levioso will levitate objects and enemies alike, which can be useful in both solving puzzles and surprising enemies.
  • Transformation – Use Transformation to transform objects and enemies into alternate forms, and can be used for puzzle solutions or reduce the danger to harmless knickknacks.

All Purple Spells (Force)

All Purple Spells (Force) Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: WB Games via Twinfinite
  • Accio – Summons a variety of objects and enemies to close range. Certain magical and heavy objects require sustained effort to pull close. When a summoned object reaches the player, Wingardium Leviosa will be automatically cast for continued levitation and control without needing any additional input.
  • Depulso – Repels many different types of objects and enemies with considerable force. Although it doesn’t deal direct damage, launching objects and enemies at each other can lead to destructive results. Also useful for pushing or spinning objects for a variety of purposes.
  • Descendo – Deal no direct damage, but any object or enemy slammed to the ground will suffer considerable impact damage. Airborne enemies will take even greater damage upon hitting the ground.

All Red Spells (Damage)

All Red Spells (Damage) Hogwarts Legacy
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  • Confringo – A long-range bolt that deals damage on impact, enemies hit with this fire-based spell will continue to take damage for a few seconds. Launching these enemies will cause incendiary bursts upon impact.
  • Diffindo – Slashes enemies or objects from afar to cause considerable damage. Can be further enhanced to pierce through the initial target to hit more foes at the back.
  • Expelliarmus – Disarms wands and weapons from most enemies who wield them, and can still cause damage even if there are no weapons being held by the targets.
  • Bombarda – Deals heavy damage on impact, accompanied by an explosion that can destroy heavy objects and hit surrounding enemies.
  • Incendio – The spell dishes out significant damage and light certain things on fire, but is held back by its short range, requiring the spellcaster to be near the targets. Enemies hit with this fire-based spell will continue to take damage for a few seconds, and launching these enemies will cause incendiary bursts upon impact.

All Blue Spells (Utility)

All Blue Spells (Utility) Hogwarts Legacy
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  • Disillusionment – Causes the player to blend into surroundings, making it more difficult for others to detect you. Perfect for sneaking or approaching enemies undetected to cast Petrificus Totalus.
  • Lumos – Allows you to see in dark areas or solve puzzles that require an extra light source.
  • Reparo – Allows the restoration of destroyed objects to their former states, will only work in certain situations.
  • Wingardium Leviosa – Leviatates and control a movable object, and controls its positioning using the D-pad to fine-tune the distance and rotation. Wingardium Leviosa is automatically cast when an object is summoned using Accio.

All Green Spells (Transfiguration)

All Green Spells (Transfiguration) Hogwarts Legacy
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  • Conjuring Spell – Conjures items into existence when cast in the Room of Requirement.
  • Altering Spell – Alters the physical form and features of items when cast in the Room of Requirement.
  • Evanesco – Vanishes items and returns Moonstone whencast in the Room of Requirement.

Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy

Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: WB Games via Twinfinite
  • Avada Kedavra – Kills enemies instantly, but has a significant cooldown to balance its usefulness.
  • Crucio – Causes most enemies to writhe in pain as they take damage over time. Also curses the victim, which causes them to take extra damage.
  • Imperio – Temporarily forces enemies to fight on your side. While under control, affected enemies take reduced damage from other foes to prolong their allegiance to you. Also curses the victim, which causes them to take extra damage.

All Essential Spells

All Essential Spells in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source: WB Games via Twinfinite
  • Basic Cast – Deals minor damage to objects and enemies, instantly cast without cooldown.
  • Revelio – Highlights a variety of useful and interactive targets in the world, including hidden objects, puzzle items, loot, enemies, and more.
  • Protego – Protects against a variety of attacks, including spell casts, weapon attacks, and more. Waiting to cast Protego at the very last moment before impact results in a Perfect Protego that damages melee attacks, reflects projectiles, and breaks enemies’ shields.
  • Stupefy – Stuns enemies, making them easy targets for follow-up spells. It deals no direct damge, but stunned enemies take extra damage, and can break shield as well. To cast Stupefy, keep holding the cast button after a successful Protego to counterattack with the spell.
  • Ancient Magic Throw – Summons and then throws special environmental objects at enemies. Particularly useful at breaking shield charms, simply use the button prompt when objects are highlighted during combat.
  • Ancient Magic – Devasting Ancient Magic attacks that deal massive damage and break shield charms, can only be cast when at least one segment of the Ancient Magic Meter is full.
  • Alohomora – Grants access to a variety of locked rooms and containers throughout the world. Cast on a lock to begin the lockpicking process.
  • Petrificus Totalus – Powerful enough to bind most enemies permanently, but more dangerous foes will only take some damage before quickly breaking free. Sneak up to enemies undetected to cast the spell at close range.

That’s everything you will need to know when it comes to all spells in Hogwarts Legacy. Hopefully, this will only whet your appetite for more about the magical wizarding world that awaits. For more assistance regarding the game, be sure to check out related content below, or search Twinfinite for more.

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