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All Sims 4 Build Cheats

A Sims house really can be built in a day...

The standard version of The Sims 4 Build mode can sometimes be limited in customization options, prohibiting you from getting the house you desire. Fortunately, several cheats can further the design process by giving players more freedom during this gameplay. So, if you want to enhance your experience, here are all Sims 4 build cheats.

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All Sims 4 Build Cheats Explained

Like any Sims cheat, you must first enter the ‘testingcheats true’ command by pressing ‘CTRL + SHIFT + C.’ Then, you can start putting in the following Sims 4 build cheats:

CheatWhat It Does
bb.moveObjects onPlace objects wherever you want.
FreeRealEstate OnFreely build anything on the map without the need for Simoleons.
bb.enablefreebuildCustomize any lot, including special and hidden locations that can prohibit players from building.
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlementUnlocks all object-based items in Build mode.
bb.showliveeditobjectsUnlocks all building-based items in Build mode.

The first option is one of the most popular cheats in The Sims 4, as it can be challenging to get an object to a particular position with the standard version. It should also be noted that any cheats with the ‘on’ command can be deactivated by simply shifting it to ‘off’ instead.

Those unfamiliar with the special and hidden lots should know that these builds, such as the hospital and the Get to Work locations, typically can’t be altered. However, the ‘bb.enablefreebuild’ grants you permission to build on these lots, except the Secret Lab in StrangerVille.

The last two Sims 4 build cheats are associated with locked career items that can only be acquired at a specific job level. Once you enter these commands, you’ll notice that several objects with a relatively shiny icon will be available to you.

Objects Cheat in The Sims 4
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As for the building-based items cheat, players can get doors like the Hidden Bookcase Door, Best Vet Door, and Door of Perception. Keep in mind that some of these materials are a part of the expansion packs or kits, so you must purchase these exclusives to collect them.

That does it for our guide on all Sims 4 build cheats. For more cheats, you can check out our all money cheats guide or explore the relevant links below for additional content.

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