All Dendro Reactions in Genshin Impact and What They Do

The power of nature.

Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update introduced Dendro characters to the game, giving players access to a new elemental power. Where this gets very fun is how the Dendro element interacts with other elements and the unique synergies that it will give players during battles. In this article, we will break down the new elemental reactions in Genshin Impact so you can really take advantage of the Dendro element.

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All Dendro Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact

Remember, not all elements will interact with each other and produce a new effect. Below, you will find the three synergistic interactions for Dendro.

  • Dendro + Electro = Quicken – Quicken will cause other Electro attacks to do more damage, making it an excellent option for people who like to run an Electro character as their main damage. On top of this, further Dendro attacks on Quickened enemies will cause Spread and increase the damage they take from Dendro sources.
  • Dendro + Hydro = Bloom – Bloom will make affected enemies produce Dendro Cores. These can then be hit with Pyro and will cause area of effect Dendro damage known as Burgeon. If you hit the Dendro Cores with Electro, they will become homing missiles, hitting nearby enemies. Cores that are just left on the ground will eventually explode, doing Dendro damage.
  • Dendro + Pyro = Burning – Drendro and Pyro will interact in a way that all players should be familiar with, as Burning has long been a reaction in Genshin Impact. It will cause damage over time to affected targets.

As you can see, a party that contains Dendro, Hydro, and Pyro characters will have a lot of synergy options that they can take advantage of in different ways. There is also a final factor that players will need to consider, Dendro Resonance.

What is Dendro Resonance?

Resonance is when a party contains two characters with the same elemental type. For Dendro, this is called Sprawling Greenery and will improve the Elemental Mastery of the entire team by 50. This is great, as Elemental Mastery is an important aspect of ability damage.

Players looking to experiment with Dendro will be interested in the best builds for Collei, and the best builds for Tighnari, and if you do not have access to those characters, you can use the Dendro Traveller. To access the Traveller’s Dendro’s abilities, make your way to a Statue of the Seven is Sumeru, and you will have the option to switch elements.

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