All Armor Modifier IDs in Starfield

Be a MOD-ern space cowboy

Some gamers aren’t as jazzed to spend hours tracking down armor mods in Starfield, and require a helping hand in acquiring all we need. If you are after some ID codes for extra armor modifications, then look no further. Here are all the armor modifier IDs in Starfield.

Before going any further, we should note that these codes are only available for PC players. So sorry Xbox players.

Starfield Armor IDs

To use any of the available mod codes listed, you need to first place the armor on the ground. Next, open the command console by typing ‘~’. Click on your weapon and find the reference ID (REFID) which will change each time you do this. In the space provided enter [REFID].amod [MODID] and then tap enter.

For example: If you want to add Energy Shielding to your armor, then you type REFID.amod 000E6936 and press enter. Your new mod will be on your armor when you close the command console by typing the ~ symbol once again. If you change your mind, you can remove the mod by typing [REFID].rmod [MODID].

Armor Image Source: Bethesda
Image Source: Bethesda

The codes cover all armor mods on all armor items available. You can find each one listed below:

Armor Mod Codes

Armor ModCode ID
Balanced Boostpack003E612F
Ballistic Shielding003AD4D9
Ballistic Shielding0011A478
Basic Boostpack003E6131
EM Shielding003AD4DA
EM Shielding 000E6935
Emergency Aid0034BAA3
Energy Shielding003AD4DB
Energy Shielding000E6936
Exo Servos003A83E7
Explosive Shielding000F77AA
Extra Capacity0024529A
Gravitic Composites000F77B7
Gravitic Composites003D6D3B
Hazard Protection001CAC94
Heavy Shielding000F77AF
Heavy Shielding003A83E6
Optimized Servos003A83E1
Oxygen Reserve00050AB3
Power Boostpack003E6130
Sensor Array003A83D9
Skip Capacity Boostpack003E6132

Now that you’re all modded up thanks to these armor modifier IDs, it is time to take on everything the galaxies have to offer. If you need any further guidance during quests, feel free to check out more of our Starfield guides down below.

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