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Meet the Voice Actors of Hitman 2’s Cast

Hitman 2

Meet the Voice Actors of Hitman 2’s Cast

Meet the Voice Actors of Hitman 2’s Cast

David Bateson – Agent 47

Hitman 2 sees you put on the shoes of Agent 47 once more as he travels the world to take out bad guys in hilarious ways in tropical locations. Here are all the voice actors of Hitman 2’s voice cast.

Jane Perry – Diana Burnwood

David Bateson – Agent 47 – Surprisingly, Agent 47’s voice isn’t the one you hear the most in Hitman 2. David Bateson perfectly plays the serious, monotone assassin, and his personality is a great juxtapose to the silly action you see. He has played the iconic agent in all of the franchises previous games, so you’ll recognise his voice immediately.

Jane Perry

Jane Perry – Diana Burnwood – The voice you actually hear the most in Hitman 2 is that of Diana Burnwood, Agent 47’s handler. She introduces you to the characters and runs you through all of the missions. Jane Perry has voiced characters in other video games, such as Karen Bowman in Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Anna in the first couple of Forza Horizon games but she’s probably best known for her live action acting work. She appeared in the likes of last year’s Oscar nominated The Phantom Thread and A Hologram for the King.

John Hopkins – Lucas Grey

John Hopkins – Lucas Grey – Lucas Grey is another of Hitman 2’s main characters and not all it what it initially seems when it comes to him. His voice actor, John Hopkins, is certainly best known in the video game world for playing Erend in Horizon Zero Dawn. He has also lend his voice to Ryse: Son of Rome and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. You may also know his as the Shadow Client if you played 2016’s Hitman.

Philip Rosch – The Constant

Philip Rosch – The Constant – The Constant is a mysterious figure in Hitman 2 and he is played by Philip Rosch. Rosch doesn’t have any other video game credits to his name, aside from 2016’s Hitman, with most of his acting work coming in TV and film. He’s appeared in The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared, Florence Foster Jenkins, and some hit British TV shows such as Mr. Selfridge and Misfits.

Richard Katz

Richard Katz – Janus – Janus is one of the targets you need to assassinate in Hitman 2’s quiet neighbourhood of Whittleton Creek. He is played by Richard Katz who, while lending his voice to a number of popular TV shows, has worked a lot on stage, being a key member of The Royal Shakespeare Company and the Theatre company, Complicite.

Antonia Bernath

Antonia Bernath – Sierra Knox -Sierra Knox is one of your first targets in Hitman 2. She’s the cocky and ruthless racing driver from the Miami level. She’s played by Antonia Bernath, who played Syanna in The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion, as well as Chloe in the 2007 movie, St. Trinians. She’s also featured in other British TV shows, such as Downton Abbey and Holby City.

James Goode

James Goode – Jorge Franco – Jorge Franco is the ageing, drug distributing mastermind that you take out in Hitman 2’s Colombia level. He’s played by James Goode, who’s other video game work has come in Final Fantasy XIV, where he played characters including Bunchin and Grynewaht, Soma, and James Bond 007: Bloodstone.

James Sobol Kelly

James Sobol Kelly – Nolan Cassidy – Nolan Cassidy is the other big bad you take out in Whittleton Creek. He’s the traditional, aviator wearing bodyguard type every Hitman game needs and he is played by James Sobol Kelly. In previous voice acting roles, he has played Jay Olson in Homefront: The Revolution, as well as small roles in Star Wars: Battlefront II and Battlefield 3. He’s also the second member of Hitman 2’s cast to appear in Borg McEnroe, in which he played John McEnroe’s agent.

Laila Pyne

Laila Pyne – Zoe / Sophia Washington – Zoe and Sophia Washington are the sisters you’re instructed to take out in Hitman 2’s final full size level. Both of the characters are played by Laila Pyne, who you map also know as Janeva from Horizon Zero Dawn. She has also played characters in the likes of A Way Out, Forza Horizon, State of Mind, and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

Martin McDougall

Martin McDougall – Robert Knox – Robert Knox is Sierra Knox’s father and the mastermind behind Kronstadt’s impressive machines. The slippery business man is played by Martin McDougall, who has lent his voice to a lot of high profile video games. He’s credited on Mass Effect: Andromeda, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, but most of his work has come on the small screen.

Ronan Summers

Ronan Summers – Rico Delgado – Rico Delgado is the suave brains behind the drug business in Colombia, with you having to venture into his heavily guarded mansion to take him out. He’s played by Ronan Summers, who has recently played Scott Tyler in Forza Horizon 4, Thor and Daredevil in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, and Agent Ricky Sandoval in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, as well as many other unnamed characters in other games.

Vanya Shah

Shivani Ghai – Vanya Shah – Vanya Shah is the brutal character who controls much of what happens in Hitman 2’s Mumbai level. Most of her acting work has come on British TV, in shows such as Eastenders, but she’s also appeared in London Has Fallen alongside Gerard Butler, and the excellent soccer movie Goal!

Yolanda Kettle

Yolanda Kettle – Andrea Martinez – The third and final of Agent 47’s targets in Colombia is Andrea Martinez, who is played by Yolanda Kettle. Kettle has had quite a varied acting career, appearing in British TV shows such as Doctors and Holby City, which are almost a right of passage for British actors, as well as Netflix’s The Crown and last year’s Need for Speed Payback.

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