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10 Genius Hitman 2 Assassinations That Are Peak Agent 47


10 Genius Hitman 2 Assassinations That Are Peak Agent 47

Hitman 2 is full of genius ways to take out your targets. Your trusty silenced pistol and the blunt items you find littered around the locations aren’t the only weapons at Agent 47’s disposal. Here are 10 genius way to take out targets in Hitman 2.

Pink Menace

In Miami, a disgruntled mechanic has organized a meeting your target, Sierra Knox, but steals a pink flamingo mascot costume so that she doesn’t know who he is. To get to him yourself, you knock him out and steal the disguise.

Then, at the meeting with Sierra, you give her some incriminating evidence and she asks her guards to give her time to speak to you. Next, with Sierra and the guards having turned their backs, you shove her down an elevator shaft to her death before running off as fast as your fluffy pink legs will carry you.

Paranoid Android

Robert Knox, Sierra’s father, is the mastermind behind the car and many other pieces of technology. One of those designs is an android that can shoot as a target on command. While he shows you how it all works, you can make the Android shoot him as he stands in front of one of the preset targets. You’ll just have to insist that it was an accident afterward.

Caution: Heavy Machinery

Jorge Franco, the drug lord who controls the drug trade in the area of Colombia you’re exploring in Hitman 2, is having trouble with his new, state of the art cocaine machine. All he wants is for it to be fixed.

The circuit board that’s needed was dropped out of a helicopter into the jungle below, somehow, and Agent 47 needs to find it, reinstall it, and leave Franco happy again. That is until you shove him in and run off a fast as you can.

It Looks Just Like Her

Reality TV star and celebrity tattooist P-Power, or Paul Powers to give him his full name, is in town to tattoo Rico Delgado. You find him at the local bar fretting about how quickly Rico is going to kill him. All you need to do, though, is subdue Mr. Powers, steal his clothes, be welcomed into the criminal’s lair, and stab him in the neck with the tattoo gun as he’s lying still.

The Secret Ingredient

There’s a ‘hippy’ in town who has been employed to travel the globe to test out Jorge Franco’s new drug smuggling initiative. However, he broke the souvenier bus the cocaine was being carried in and things he’s going to be killed for his mistake.

You need to find some glue, poison the cocaine inside, steal the hippy’s clothes, and take the fixed bus to Franco. He will then taste test it and suffer the consequences.

A Bite Out of Crime

Rico Delgado isn’t just interested in fast cars, mansions, and cocaine farms, but also the hippos that live in the swamps that surround his house. As he’s out for a walk, you can push him over a fence, into the hippo pool, and see that’s he’s eaten for no one to find.

It Wasn’t His Biggest Fan

Rangan, one of your targets in Hitman 2’s Mumbai, is doing a photo shoot for an upcoming film. Once you’ve found the missing script that’s down at the bottom of an elevator shaft, you can hand it to the director and begin shooting.

Since you helped so much, you’re left in charge of the huge fan that gives the shot the wind effect. Turn it up a little too much and your target will be sent flying off the roof into the streets below.

A Buffet to You, Sir

Once you reach Whittleton Creek, you’re introduced to the Wilson family, who have organized a garden party that everyone’s invited to. Nolan Cassidy, one of your two targets in the suburb, is interested in the food on offer. However, the barbecue has run out of gas.

Once you’ve found a replacement gas bottle for the barbecue, Cassidy will be able to get the food he wants. All you have to do is poison it, watch Cassidy bend over in pain, and drown him in the toilet as he’s being sick.

Death From Below

Having stepped away from the worldwide espionage game a little, Janus is having problems with his vegetable patch in his garden – it’s overrun by moles. Disguised as the local gardener, you need to steal the explosives back from the authorities that confiscated them, tell Janus’ team that you’re fixing the problem, then place one in the mole holes and wait for the perfect chance to blow Janus up with it.

…Now You Don’t

On the Isle of Sgail, the final full-size location in Hitman 2, there’s an effigy to commemorate the event. You can tamper with the engine that runs it, then, disguised as the performer that starts it, set it alight as one of your targets steps inside, with the flames burning brighter than they were supposed to. There’s no surviving that.

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