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Top 10 Longest JRPGs of All Time

longest JRPGs, Xenoblade Chronicles X

Top 10 Longest JRPGs of All Time

Top 10 Longest JRPGs of All Time

Let’s start list of the longest JRPGs of All Time off by saying that everyone’s personal run throughs of JRPGs are going to vary greatly. What might have taken you 100 hours, might have only taken someone else 60. That said, we used a combination of our own personal experiences, matched up with HowLongToBeat data which allows people to submit their own times for a collective average.

The Last Remnant

Kicking off the list then is The Last Remnant, a game that up until very recently, was one of the few exclusive JRPGs in the Xbox ecosystem. However, it is being remastered for the PlayStation 4 later this year. Assuming you’re not blazing through the story, it’s probably going to take you about 70-80 hours at least to complete this long JRPG.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

The cult-hit series of JRPGs also has its fair share of lengthy games, and Trails of the Cold Steel is arguably the longest of all of them. Trails of the Cold Steel will likely run about 70 hours to complete, and longer if you decide to spend some more time doing all of the extra side content.

Persona 4

Speaking of long, the Persona JRPG games are right up there with Xenoblade as well.  Persona 4 might be the shortest of the games that cracked this list, but it’s definitely not short. The main story, even if you blaze through is probably going to take you at least 70-80 hours. If you’re trying to complete of the side quests, and social links, expect to easily eclipse 100+ hours unless you’re min/max god. Bonus length if you’re playing the Golden version that has extra stuff.

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII on its own is probably a little bit shorter than some of the other JRPGs on this list if you’re just trying to speedrun it. However, Final Fantasy XII has a lot more side quests and a more interesting world to explore. If you’re not skipping everything there is to skip, you’re probably looking at around a 90 hour+ experience. Keep in mind though, that this is just for the original version. The Zodiac Age, has more content, but also allows you to speed world traversal and battles up.

Xenoblade Chronicles

This is not the first time you’re going to see Xenoblade on this list of long JRPGs. The running theme is that these games are long. If you want to lose yourself for probably about 70-90 hours on the minimum a pop, give the Xeno series of games a try. Chronicles is the shortest of the ones on this list. Taking about 70 hours for the main story and over 100+ if you’re doing lots of side activities.

Persona 3

Persona 3 is the first game in the now long-running JRPG series that deviated from the traditional roots of the series, and experimented with the social link feature which was hugely popular. Both Persona 4 and 5 used a similar style. Persona 3 is a probably about an 80 hour experience for most people. Longer for completionists that want to go back and see everything.

Xenoblade Chronicles II

If the first game wasn’t long enough for you, then how about its Nintendo Switch follow up, Xenoblade Chronicles II? Speeding still probably at least a 60-70 hour experience. Stopping to enjoy the ride and completing side quests? That’s going to run you 100+ easy. Some people have reported even 250+ hours for total completions.

Persona 5

Not to be out done by its younger siblings, Persona 5 ups the ante in every way imaginable, including, of course, game length. Persona 5, even if you’re trying to just get through the main story asap, will take most people 80-90 hours. That’s with doing minimal side content. Average runs with just a normal amount of side content will take 90 to 100 hours+ and more.

Rainbow Moon

Rainbow Moon, pound for pound, might have the longest JRPG main story to complete if that’s your only criteria. Most players report that it takes them over 90 hours on average just for focusing on the main story. It lacks the
amount side content of the next game, but it’s still right up there with it.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

OK we promise, no more Xenoblade games after this one. But hey, it is what it is. These games are long Chronicles X as of now anyway until a sequel decides to top it, is the grand poobah of long AF Xenoblade games, and tops on our list of the longest JRPGs. For everyone that isn’t speed running, prepare to strap in for 100+ hours of sweet Wii U JRPG goodness.

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