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The 20 Best Fallout 4 Mods You Need in Your Life


The 20 Best Fallout 4 Mods You Need in Your Life

A look at some of the finest mod offerings in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 is a huge game and it’s getting even bigger with the upcoming expansion, Far Harbor. But before that, why not take a stroll through the Wasteland with a few new changes?

Or a lot of changes, if that’s more your play style. Thankfully, with the rise of modding, Fallout 4 players can experience all that the game and community has to offer on PC and Xbox One. But what mods are worth checking out? It remains to be seen what mods will be available on the Xbox One, but fortunately for PC players, they get unrestricted access to the world of modding. For players looking to completely overhaul the game, take a look at some of the mods available, courtesy of the wonderful at the Nexus.

Please keep in mind, these mods may not be functional once Far Harbor releases, but fret not! Mod compatibility is paramount for mod devs. So if it doesn’t work right away, it will soon enough.

Don’t want the game to get out of hand with over-the-top wackiness that completely ruins the experience of the game? Then take a look at some of the lore-friendly mods available at your fingertips. Just make sure to read the FAQs included with the mods for proper installation.

Here are some of the best mods currently available:

Tired of the game not letting you accessorize and style to your liking? Fix that with this incredible mod!

Hate it when the game says something you didn’t intend? See what your character says, before they say it with Full Dialog Interface.

Tired of trudging through the same environments over and over again? Shake up the weather with True Storms – Wasteland Edition and bring some new climates to the wasteland.

No one likes having a gun shoved in their face – especially when the situation doesn’t call for it. This mod allows you to lower your weapons when they’re not in use.

The Pip-Boy has a tendency to be… vague with its map. Tweak that to your liking with this mod.

Fallut 4 features a robust settlement editor, but this mod turns up that customization to 11.

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