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20 Best Waifus and Husbandos from This Console Generation

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20 Best Waifus and Husbandos from This Console Generation

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 offers a quirky cast filled with all sorts of characters, but Pyra definitely stands out. The Aegis harbors a sensitive side despite her destructive abilities, and she truly cares about her friends and driver. Her strong will and determination make her an excellent waifu (and she knows how to cook too!).

The leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Ren Amamiya is actually just your run-of-the-mill student. He is often quiet and reserved, but also houses a wild side that shows during heists in the metaverse. If you aren’t careful, this plucky husbando might steal your heart!

Makoto is the class president Shujin Academy and rightfully so. She is an overachiever and aims to please those who’ve set their high expectations on her shoulders. That said, Makoto also has her own quirks and gets along well with her fellow phantom thief friends. It’s no surprise that Persona fans chose Makoto as their waifu in the game.

If you’re looking for a real man, you can’t go wrong with Geralt of Rivia. He is a monster hunter by trade, often taking on dangerous missions to take down terrifying beasts. Geralt can come off as rather cynical and cold, but he shows fierce loyalty to his friends and lovers. His experience in the field, coupled with his strong values, make him a perfect husbando.

Celica is the priestess in Mila’s Temple and acts accordingly with that of grace and sophistication. However, don’t be fooled by her dainty appearance as she isn’t afraid to fight for the cause she believes in. She’s also shown to have the gift of the gab, evident by the number of troops she manages to sway to her side throughout her journey. All that said, it isn’t hard to see why Celica would make the perfect waifu.

Nathan “Nate” Drake yearns for adventure and has taken on plenty of dangerous jobs hunting for lost treasure. He can come off as brash and even uncouth, but he is willing to put his life on the line for the people he cares about. And while he might also seem like a ladies man, Nate is actually married and even has a daughter with his beautiful wife, Elena Fisher.

Final Fantasy XV is extremely lacking in the female department, but we still managed to get the pure waifu known as Iris Amicitia. She’s Gladio’s younger sibling and acts as one of the few guests party members in the game. She is kind and optimistic, often looking at the brighter side of any situation. True to her role, Iris acts as the “little sister” of their group but becomes a famous daemon-hunter later on. You’ll have to get past her big brother if you want her as your waifu though.

Starting off as a notorious member of the Deadlock Gang, Jesse McCree quickly turned a new leaf as a Blackwatch agent after being caught by Gabriel Reyes. Following the fall of Overwatch, he became a vigilante to thwart the rising crimes in the world. Vocation aside, McCree is actually quite the looker and is described as a “charmer,” making him the perfect husbando.

D.Va aka Hana Song is a gaming icon within the Overwatch universe, noted to be an expert StarCraft II player. She quit her gaming profession to become a member of the MEKA (Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army) to help bolster her reputation. Since then, she’s become one of the best soldiers in the army who even streams her battles online. Aside from gaming and fighting, this waifu also seems to be a talented actress, having starred in the film, Hero of My Storm.

Sidon is the prince of the Zoras and brother to the late champion, Mipha. Link stumbles across this strangely attractive shark man on the way to his domain to stop Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Despite the chaos surrounding Hyrule, Sidon is extremely optimistic and cheerful. This husbando yearns to set an example for his people, wanting them to be happy during the dark times.

Aloy has become one of the more notable female protagonists over these past few years. She is a brave woman who can take down monstrous machines with ease and fights for what she believes in. However, Aloy also has a soft side to her after growing up as an outcast. She sympathizes with those in need, garnering respect from the many people she meets.

Bayek is one of the central figures in Assassin’s Creed Origins who helped form the Hidden Ones. He’s also shown to be a family man, one who cares deeply for his son, Khemu, and wife, Aya. He was also just as kind to his friends, although showing no mercy to his enemies. Aside from literally being a great husbando, Bayek is extremely proud of his homeland.

This cheeky umbra witch hunts down angels with wicked style. Bayonetta is often perceived as cool and collected during her missions, having even teased some of the more serious angels before a fight. That said, she isn’t afraid to use her sexuality as a means to get what she wants, often teasing friends and foes alike her sexual innuendos. Bayonetta’s definitely an unconventional waifu, but still a great one nonetheless.

Stardew Valley offers plenty of bachelor/bachelorettes to woo, with Sebastian being one potential love interest. This broody teen might come off as cold and callous at first, but there’s actually a softer side to him that most people in town don’t realize. If you prefer a more sensitive yet caring husbando, Sebastian is right up your alley.

Pauline’s been moving up in the world since her initial debut back in 1981. From starting out as a damsel in distress, she’s now become the capable mayor of New Donk City. While her kidnapping was a traumatic experience, Pauline learned and became a better person (and waifu) because of it. She’s still one of Mario’s good friends and he’s always welcome to visit her metropolis. Pauline’s also a fantastic singer, acting as the main vocalist of Jump Up, Super Star!

Sebastian “Seb” Castellanos started out as a skilled detective in the Krimson City Police Department before becoming a member of STEM to save his daughter. He’s suffered from a lot of traumatic experiences throughout both games, yet still pushes onward with a steely resolve. He jumped at the chance to save his daughter, even if there was no guarantee that she was still alive. For the most part, this husbando is curt and audacious, yet he still houses a good heart and will help others in need.

One of Sony’s more underrated icons, Kat stars in both Gravity Rush games as the main protagonist. She’s lost most of her memories and starts her journey with a strange cat named Dusty. Kat gains the ability to shift gravity and puts her powers to good use, often helping out civilians who would even go so far as to scorn her. Despite the occasional flak and hate, she always strives to be the best version of herself and helps anyone in need, making her a great waifu.

Adol Christin is the main hero of the Ys games who often embark on new adventures with his trusted companion, Dogi. Not one for words, Adol prefers to his actions do the talking. He loves to help people throughout his travels and is always goes to great lengths to save those in danger. His fiery-red hair has earned him the moniker “Adol the Red,” and many awe at his impressive sword skills. While he might seem like a great husbando, Adol is always on the move and never stays in one place too long.

Every other waifu (and even husbando) pales in comparison to the goddess known as Rabbid Peach. This majestic creature is an exaggerated version of the Mushroom Kingdom princess, yet there’s certainly something more to her. Could it be her extreme vanity? Maybe it’s her awesome combat prowess? What if it’s those two large teeth? Whatever it is, you can’t deny Rabbid Peach’s sassy charms.

Rean Schwarzer is the main protagonist in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. He’s one of the original members in Class VII, often acting as the leader of the group. He displays a wide arrange of impressive sword skills and is quite knowledgeable about military affairs. This husbando is very friendly and always puts others before himself, which often leads others to assign him plenty of school-related activities.

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