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Top 15 Games With the Most Concurrent Twitch Views Ever

fortnite, port-a-fort


Top 15 Games With the Most Concurrent Twitch Views Ever

Counter-Strike GO Most concurrent Twitch views

Counter-Strike GO is, simply put, the king of E-sports. Its Twitch community and heavy eSports presence have kept this online shooter alive for nearly 7 years now and it’s still going strong today. Counter-Strike GO’s one life system makes every game incredibly intense and it means that at the higher levels you’re watching some tactic heavy gameplay. Not only that, with an eSports scene as popular as this you get some high stakes matches with insane prize funds, making for great viewing.




Most concurrent Twitch views

Fortnite is the biggest phenomenon in gaming right now so, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most watched games on Twitch. Its colorful and frantic gameplay along with solid amounts of downtime make it a great game to watch your favorite streamer play online. Its also got some pretty big faces at the forefront of it, with popular streamers like Ninja (along with helpful companion Drake) helping Fortnite soar to become the second game with the highest concurrent views on Twitch.



Most concurrent Twitch views

League of Legends is one of the most complicated games to watch if you’re not familiar with its mechanics, but its huge eSports presence means more and more people are being acquainted with it every day. Its gameplay incorporates elements of role-playing, tower defense, and real-time strategy a combo which sets it apart from most other games available in the MOBA genre, all of which make it stand out on streams. It’s hard to deny that League of Legends isn’t one of the biggest names in eSports history and with competitions that offer millions of dollars to the victors, you can see why it’s racking up these insane numbers.



Most concurrent Twitch views

With PUBG being the game that birthed the flood of battle royale games we see now, it’s obvious it was going to appear somewhere on this list. PUBG’s realistic approach to the 1 vs 100 mode has been a huge hit with streamers, as it replicates the high levels of intensity seen in movies like Hunger Games (2012) and Battle Royale (2000). Mix in the fact there’s a lot of downtime and the potential for ridiculous moments (especially when frying pans are involved) and it’s a great game to watch no matter what the skill level of the player.




Most concurrent Twitch views

Over the time since Overwatch launched, the multiplayer arena shooter has developed into one of the biggest games on the eSports scene. Overwatch proves that you don’t have to make an incredibly gritty FPS in order to make it big in eSports, with its colorful and cartoony gameplay dominating Twitch. It’s obviously a great game to watch as well, with such a wide variety of different playstyles on offer and so much going on at once there’s always something to keep you occupied in a game, whether you’re watching casual players or professionals.


Dota 2

Most concurrent Twitch views

Similar to League of Legends, DOTA 2, is incredibly hard to just pick up and play. With over 100 characters and a whole host of varying maps, there’s a lot of variation with every game played, that means you’ll have to learn a lot to get good at the game yourself. Watching it, however, is a different kettle of fish, once you do grasp whats going on watching DOTA 2 is heaps of fun, with the game having some of the most intense eSports tournaments on the market. DOTA 2 still reigns supreme in the eSports scene today with the annual Dota 2 International pulling in thousands of viewers and an offering up an insanely high cash prize, making this a great game to watch if your willing to learn the ropes.



Most concurrent Twitch views

Much like Overwatch, Hearthstone is yet another Blizzard game with a huge eSports community. Hearthstone does what some would deem impossible and makes a collectible card game thrilling to watch. Like most eSports titles when you watch a professional at work you marvel at their ability and a good match on Hearthstone can leave you truly on the edge of your seat in a way no other card game can…


Sea of Thieves

Most concurrent Twitch views

Sea of Thieves is the pirate adventure everybody has been waiting for. Being able to jump onto the high seas with a group of friends is great fun and is something that replicates pretty well on stream. Sea of Thieves unpredictable adventures and ability to create your own stories mean no two streams will ever be the same and each time you join a stream you’ll get a completely new adventure to enjoy. By just jumping onto a Sea of Thieves stream you’ll see the chaos on offer and why its such a fun game to watch people play.


Far Cry 5

Most concurrent Twitch views

The latest entry to the Far Cry series has been yet another smash hit. Taking the game to America really gave the series the shakeup it desperately needed and the world reacted accordingly. Dominating many peoples streams thanks to its mental moment to moment gameplay.


A lot of the games on this list are popular because of eSports and huge professional gamers at the helm of them, Far Cry is here because it’s insane. From controlling a giant bear called Cheeseburger to shooting down cultists from a plane, Far Cry 5 has it all and it all combines to make a game that’s incredibly fun to stream.



Rainbow Six Siege

Most concurrent Twitch views

Despite having a rough start, Rainbow Six Sieges community has only been getting bigger and bigger since launch. Now almost three years after it first came out it’s the biggest it’s ever been, all thanks to the huge eSports community the game has. It’s this community which has helped it reach such a high place in this chart as well, with the game being involved in huge tournaments all which pull in thousands of viewers. The heavily teamwork/tactics focused gameplay makes streams great to watch as the audience gets to see plans either come to fruition or fail miserably.


A Way Out

Most concurrent Twitch views

A Way Outs revolutionary forced split-screen Co-Op makes it an incredibly different game to sit down in front of a stream and watch. Few gaming experiences offer the level of communication A Way Out requires and as such its very entertaining to watch streamers play it. Along with the overwhelmingly positive reviews the game got it’s not hard to see why A Way Out was dominating on Twitch for quite a while.


God of War

Most concurrent Twitch views

The latest addition to this list is the newest entry to the God of War series. This soft reboot sees Kratos and his son take on even more gigantic creatures in brutal battles to the death, all while trying to teach his son how to control the rage he has dealt with his whole life. With rave reviews under its belt and a lot of hype surrounding its release, it’s unsurprising to see it do so well on its first day. A lot of people are going to be interested in checking it out and streams are often a great way of seeing what a game has to offer, it’s likely this will only increase over the course of its opening weekend.




Most concurrent Twitch views

There’s nothing more fun than seeing a streamer rage at a game and when you see your favorite streamer playing Bloodborne you know you’re in for a rage-fuelled few hours. Created by the developers of Dark Souls, this ridiculously difficult and vast adventure is a joy to watch streamers struggle on. While some people want to see their favorite streamers be really good at a game, there’s still something darkly satisfying about watching them fail over and over again.




Kingdom Come Deliverance

Most concurrent Twitch views


The beauty of watching games like Kingdom Come Deliverance on stream is that everyone plays it differently. This brutally realistic medieval RPG causes players to think like a soldier in the 1400’s and the results tend to be hilarious. Whether you’re watching someone desperately try and keep themselves alive from the many ailments that plague the world or fight off another soldier in a fight to the death, there’s lots of fun to be had when watching Kingdom Come Deliverance.


Radical Heights

Most concurrent Twitch views

The latest entry to the battle royale scene, Radical Heights, has been cooking up a storm on Twitch with its 80’s inspired theme and map. As two of the biggest games in the world right now (PUBG and Fortnite) are both battle royale games it’s not surprising that there’s another game doing so well. Radical Heights, however, takes the genre in a new direction and its exciting blend of classic references, ridiculously insane action moves and sick BMX tricks make this a joy to watch on stream.

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