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Top 10 Best Gaming Publishers of 2016 So Far

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Top 10 Best Gaming Publishers of 2016 So Far

Cream of the crop.

While it may be more interesting to look towards the publisher’s future, their present wasn’t anything to shrug off. With games like Pokken and Kirby under their belt, plus the consistent stream of Fire Emblem DLC, Nintendo’s doing pretty well for 2016 so far.

They’re perhaps best known for their visual novel Zero Time Dilemma from not that long ago, but they’re also the folks behind the solid fighter One Piece: Burning Blood and New Danganropa V3.

Finally releasing Remedy’s Quantum Break certainly puts a feather in their cap, but the cross play functionality with Windows 10 for the Xbox One isn’t something to shrug off, either. Microsoft’s committed to making sure that everyone can play their games, and that’s just awesome.

They didn’t just put out the final Witcher 3 DLC. The folks best known for Batman have also brought DC Universe Online to the Xbox One, along with two new Lego games: Marvel’s Avengers and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Releasing the Bioshock games on PS4 and Xbox One isn’t that far off, which certainly helps 2K this year. But they also released the excellent strategy title XCOM 2, which we’ll never forget about, if only because we lost so many soldiers named after our actual friends.

Pretty much the entire year has been dominated by the release of Overwatch, and with good reason. Blizzard’s created one of the best shooters out there, brimming with character and charm and possessing great gameplay to boot.

In addition to the excellent support to Hitman since its release, Square has been making Final Fantasy XIV one of the best MMOs out there thanks to the company’s huge push.

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