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The 25 Best Alternate Skins in Overwatch


The 25 Best Alternate Skins in Overwatch

Check out these fashion trendsetters!

They say the clothes make the person, and in Overwatch, that couldn’t be more true. As one of the various unlockables for the large roster of characters, players have access to a ton of different costumes and color combinations. While many games offer other skins for your characters, the level of depth and detail in each one is incredible. These outfits span the gambit from terrifying, awe-inspiring, and absolutely adorable. When creating this list we have decided to make up a few rules, otherwise a few characters would just make up half the list itself. We’re looking at you, Reinhardt!

So for this list of Overwatch costumes, we will be omitting any of the special Origin Edition outfits and it will only be 1 per character. When deciding this list we are not only looking for outfits that are generally a cool idea but ones that represent who and what the character is. Sure, you could dress Junkrat up as a scarecrow, but it somehow doesn’t feel representative of the character’s personality and nature. Yet, it’s amazing how many of these costumes feel like perfect fits for this large roster, which made selecting only 10 quite difficult. Now let’s see which of these skins will be setting fashion trends for years to come!

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