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Pokemon GO: How to Get the Rarest Gen 2 Pokemon

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO: How to Get the Rarest Gen 2 Pokemon

These will add some challenge to catching ’em all.

how to get the rarest gen 2 pokemon in pokemon go

Pokemon GO’s Gen 2 update is finally available and it adds over 80 new Pokemon to the mix, though some are much rarer than others. We’re going to take a look at the rarest new additions that you can hope to encounter and catch for your collection as you continue to strive to be the very best in Pokemon GO

Rarest Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon GO

With the large influx of new monster, fans are out to once again fill up their Pokedexes with all of the monsters they can find out in the wild. Like in the original release, though, some are much rarer than others, so you’ll have to put in a bit more legwork. This list won’t include any Legendary Pokemon that are potentially part of the update, though will most likely be part of events. This will focus on Pokemon you can actually obtain right now.


If you’ve been playing Pokemon GO for any amount of time, you’re undoubtedly aware of the rarity of Chansey. It’s a beautiful time when you run into one of these in the wild, and the rarity extends to its evolution, Blissey. You’ll have to keep an eye out for these, and don’t miss your chance of grabbing one when you can. but this isn’t the rarest gen 2 pokemon in pokemon go


Porygon2 isn’t going to make things any easier for fans of Pokemon than its predecessor did. Since it’s a normal type, you should be able to find one just about anywhere. However, it has a very low rate of actually popping up. Hope you like tons of Spearows and Ledyba’s as you hunt this one down.


Fighting types aren’t the most common in Pokemon GO, though they do tend to pop up in crowded areas. Still, chances of encountering this little fella regularly are quite slim. They’re dangerous against many types including Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, and Steel. No wonder they’re made more difficult to encounter.


Hitmontop’s baby form (also the baby form of Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee) can only be found in an Egg. Obtaining Eggs isn’t the difficult part, but hatching each of them can become heavy on the heart as you get everything but the little fighter you’re seeking.

This Rock-type that happens to look like a tree has solid defense and attack, though it is lacking in other areas. It isn’t exactly common in areas where you’d normally find Rock-types, but it’s still challenging to find in Grass areas as well.


One of the strongest new additions to Pokemon GO, this Bug/Fighting-type is not going to be found easily. It is strong against many types, including Fighting which is very useful. While they are rare, they can decimate most opponents, so that makes this one worth seeking out.

those are all the rarest gen 2 pokemon in pokemon go. let us know if you’ve caught any rare pokemon

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