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Meet the Voice Actors of The Division 2 Voice Cast

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Meet the Voice Actors of The Division 2 Voice Cast

Meet the Voice Actors of The Division 2 Voice Cast

Ubisoft’s new looter-shooter sequel, The Division 2, is out now and you’ll be meeting a host of new characters in Washington D.C. Some of the characters might seem familiar, though. Here’s all the information you need on the voice actors of The Division 2 voice cast.

Brittany Drisdelle – Emeline Shaw

Brittany Drisdelle hasn’t worked on many video games, her role as Isidora in Assassin’s Creed Origins being one of just as few, but she plays Emeline Shaw in The Division 2. You may also know her from here TV roles, where she has played Katie Becker in Amazon’s Jack Ryan series. She has also played smaller roles in Blue Mountain State and Orphan Black.

Crystal Lee Brown – Odessa Sawyer – Meet the Voice Actors of The Division 2 Voice Cast

According to IMDb, Odessa Sawyer is Crystal Lee Brown’s only video game role, and you meet her pretty early in the game. Elsewhere, though, she has appeared in some fantastic and varied TV shows and movie. She plays Bernie in the crowd-pleasing and Oscar-nominated Hidden Figures, and has appeared in 2 Broke Girls and Training Day on TV.

Genelle Williams – Gabrielle Sanders

Like a few other members of The Division 2’s voice cast, Gabrielle Sanders is Genelle Williams’ sole video game acting credit, according to IMDb. However, she has appeared in a few movies that you’ve probably seen, such as Orphan (Sister Judith) and It’s a Boy Girl Thing (Tiffany). She’s even credited as Terrified Gal in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk.

Joseph May – Manny Ortega – Meet the Voice Actors of The Division 2 Voice Cast

Joseph May has played character in more video games that much of The Division 2’s voice cast. You might recognise his voice as Nomad in Ghost Recon Wildlands, Jost / Saravad in Horizon Zero Dawn, or Michael Corleone in The Godfather games. Most exciting of all though, is the fact that he’s the modern voice of Thomas the Tank Engine. He’s played the iconic cartoon character since Thomas & Friends: The Adventure Begins in 2015.

Mark Rolston – Andrew Ellis

While Mark Rolston has played some cool video game characters recently, such as Norman Osborn in Spider-Man, Andrew Del Rio in Halo 4, and Deathstroke in Lego DC Super-Villains, he has performed in some of the best movies of all time. He played Bogs Diamond in The Shawshank Redemption, Private Drake in Aliens, and Delahunt in The Departed. He plays Andrew Ellis in The Division 2.

Robert Kennedy – Henry Hayes – Meet the Voice Actors of The Division 2 Voice Cast

Robert Kennedy also hasn’t lent his voice to many video games, other than to play Henry Hayes in The Division 2. While he’s also an acting coach, he’s played characters in excellent movies like Spotlight and Molly’s Game, and some not some great, like Suicide Squad. Recently, he’s appeared in TV shows like Designated Survivor and The Girlfriend Experience.

Sonya Balmores – Alani Kelso

Sonya Balmores is another member of The Division 2 voice cast to be new to video games. She is best known for her recent live action work, having played Malia in Den of Thieves and Auran in Marvels’ Inhumans TV show. She plays Alani Kelso in Ubisoft’s sequel, who’s a character you meet early on.

Scott Lawrence – General Antwon Ridgeway – Meet the Voice Actors of The Division 2 Voice Cast

Just as he does in The Division 2, playing General Antwon Ridgeway, Scott Lawrence often plays imposing military or emergency service leaders in TV shows, movies, and games. To name just a few, he has played Venture Star Crew Chief in Avatar, U.S.S. Vengeance Officer in Star Trek: Into Darkness, and Detective Webb in American Horror Story. In the world of games, he has played Darth Vader in older Star Wars games from the early 2000s and smaller roles in Mafia III.

Tony Nappo – Colonel Benitez

Returning from the first game is Tony Nappo as Colonel Benitez. Nappo has lent his voice to video games away from The Division series, such as Starlink: Battle for Atlas, but most of his acting work has come in TV shows. You might know him as Gio in Bad Blood or smaller roles in the likes of Conviction and Remedy.

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