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Meet the Voice Actors of Prey’s Cast


Meet the Voice Actors of Prey’s Cast

Meet the voices behind the faces.

Danielle Sho -Mae Whitman – Mae Whitman is one a few well known names to voice characters in Prey. Whitman is best known for her film roles, including Independence Day, The Duff but she has also appeared in a few other video games. Most of the roles are adaptations of Avatar: The Last Airbender or Disney Infinity Peter Pan packs. She plays Danielle Sho in Prey.

Keiko Agena – Miyu Sato – Keiko Agena has also featured in many high profile TV shows and films, including Netlix’s 13 Reasons Why, Transformers 2 and Gilmore Girls. She hasnt voiced a character in a video game before but she lends her talents to Arkane’s game to voice Miyu Sato.

Walton Goggins – Aaron Ingram – Walton Goggins should be familiar to most. He appeared in Tarantino’s Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight, and he stared in Vice Principals, Justified, and The Shield. He has featured in one video game before and it is an obscure one: Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom. He plays Aaron Ingram in Prey.

Benedict Wong – Alex Yu – Benedict Wong is probably the most famous person in the Prey cast and you can recognise his voice from the first time you hear him. He has been in The Martian, Doctor Strange, and Prometheus. Prey is the first time he has lend his voice to a video game.

Tom Kenny – Medical Operator AI – Tom Kenny may not have a huge role in Prey but he is a very well known actor. He is known mainly for lending his voice to animated TV shows. He is the voice of SpongeBob Squarepants and is the narrator in the Powerpuff Girls show.

James Hong – William Yu

Steve Blum – Walther Dahl

Tim Kang – Morgan Yu

January – Morgan Yu

Elya Baskin – Yuri Andronov

Iris Bahr – Sarah Elazer

Eliza Schneider – Mikhaila Ilyushin

Stephen Russell – Dr. Sylvian Bellamy

Ilia Volok – Luka Golubkin

Sumalee Montano – Morgan Yu

Sumalee Montano – January

Ike Amadi – Dr. Dayo Igwe

Enn Reitel – Dr. Lorenze Calvino

Dino Andrade – Kaspar

Cerris Morgan-Moyer

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