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Meet the Voice Actors of Astral Chain’s Voice Cast


Meet the Voice Actors of Astral Chain’s Voice Cast

Astral Chain is the latest title from PlatinumGames, the talented makers of action titles like Bayonetta 2, Vanquish, and NieR: Automata. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, where humanity has retreated to one mega-city known as The Ark. Alien creatures called Chimera attack from another dimension called the Astral Plane, and it’s up to you as a police officer to defend humanity.

The futuristic cyberpunk title has a diverse cast of characters, so you might be wondering about the voice actors of Astral Chain’s voice cast. Here they are.

Astral Chain Voice Actors

Akira Howard (Male) – Aleks Le

Aleks Le is fairly new to the world of video games and anime, but you might have heard his voice in something anyway. He played Alexis Deux in the fantasy anime Record of Grancrest War, and Nightmarionne in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted. In Astral Chain, Le plays one of the Howard twins, and your brother if your character is female.

Akira Howard (Female) – Brianna Knickerbocker

If you decide to go with a male character, you’ll be hearing the voice of Brianna Knickerbocker as your twin sister Akira. Knickerbocker has had some well-known roles in both anime and video games, but you might know her best as Rem in Re: Zero, Elaine in The Seven Deadly Sins, or Sakura in Fire Emblem Fates and Warriors.

Hal – Kyle McCarley

If you’re a fan of PlatinumGames you’d undoubtedly recognize Kyle McCarley as the voice of 9S in NieR: Automata. However, you might also recognize his voice as that of Shigeo Kagayama (aka Mob) in Mob Psycho 100, or as Aoba in Durarara!!x2. McCarley plays the enigmatic Hal in Astral Chain, a mysterious character that communicates solely through a modified drone.

Maximillian Howard – Owen Thomas

Owen Thomas plays the role of Maximillian Howard in Astral Chain, the father of the twin protagonists and leader of the Neuron Legatus task force. Thomas has had tons of roles in video games like Fallout 76, Red Dead Redemption II, and The Sims 4. You might recognize him most, though, as Omid in The Walking Dead Season 2.

Jin Wong – Jordan Reynolds

Jordan Reynolds has had quite a few roles in video games and anime over the last few years, including Loot Goblin in The Division 2, Julius B. Harwey in Fate/Extra Last Encore, and Wael in Pillars of Eternity II. In Astral Chain Reynolds plays Jin Wong, one of the members of the Neuron task force and a close friend.

Alicia Lopez – Elizabeth Maxwell

Elizabeth Maxwell is a prominent voice actor in anime, and you’ve no doubt heard her in countless roles. She’s best known for playing Ymir in Attack on Titan, Winter Schnee in RWBY, Nikki in Camp Camp, and Albedo in Overlord. In Astral Chain she plays another close friend and member of Neuron, Alicia Lopez.

Marie – Cassandra Lee Morris

Although Cassandra Lee Morris has done countless roles, she’s probably best known for her iconic performance as Morgana in Persona 5. She’s also played Leafa in Sword Art Online and Kyubey in Puella Magi Modoka Magika. Morris plays Marie Wentz in Astral Chian, one of the more…. eccentric characters in Neuron.

Olive – Em Elridge

Astral Chain is Em Elridge’s first role in a major video game, although she Lynn in Witche’s Legacy 3, 4, and 5. Elridge plays Olive Espinosa in Astral Chain, one of the key members of Neuron, and your direct link to the task force when out on missions.

Brenda – Megan Hensley

Although Megan Hensley hasn’t done many other video games, she’s played quite a few roles in both TV series and films. She played the title character Nina in Nina of the Woods, and has appeared in shows like Legion and The Brave. In Astral Chain Hensley plays Brenda Moreno, chief medical officer of Neuron.

Yoseph Calvert – Joe J Thomas

Joe Thomas has had tons of prominent roles in the world of video games and anime. You might recognize him most as the voice of Raven in Tales of Vesperia, King Leoric in Diablo III, or Nobunaga in Hunter x Hunter. Thomas lends his talents to Yoseph Calvert in Astral Chain, the head of Neuron.

Jenna Anderson – Rebecca Davis

Rebecca Davis has played roles in things like The Incredibles 2, Final Fantasy XV, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and even How I Met Your Mother. You might recognize her most as Roza in Sword Art Online, or as Mercedes in the Netflix show Go! Live Your Way. Davis plays Jena Anderson in Astral Chain, a mysterious villain with goals opposite of your own.

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