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How Well Do You Really Know Mass Effect? Try Our Quiz and Find Out


How Well Do You Really Know Mass Effect? Try Our Quiz and Find Out

Come see how you do.

In Mass Effect 2, Shepard and crew come across a Collector autopsy in the ship. What Prothean colony did EDI say this Collector likely descended from? By the end of the trilogy, how many movies for Blasto, the zany multi-pistol-wielding hanar gunslinger with a dark past and a heart of platinum, have been made?Answer: D

True or false: According to Javik in Mass Effect 3, the Salarians, before they rose to galactic prominence, “used to eat flies.” Who is the only known Quarian in the trilogy to have a weapon named after them? Answer: C True or false: The Shadow Broker is a yahg, whose race met Council Surveyors in 2125 and massacred the entire group. Answer: True

In Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker, Shepard can come across a terminal with video footage. One of the videos is of Elias Kelham…Answer: B


True or false: The Drell have an eidetic memory and can relive nearly every memory except the moment of their birth.Answer: True


The facial model for the default male Shepard is named… Answer: A Should a human romance a Drell, such side effects can include…

Answer: B

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you gain an ally named Jaal. His full name is Answer: C


True or false: In Turian culture, to have no markings on your face is a sign that you’re not to be trusted, or a politician. Answer: True Which of these is NOT a Geth world? Complete the lyrics to M4, Part 2 from the original Mass Effect: “I have wondered about you___” Complete this quote: “Had to be me The Hanar have a holiday called Nyahir, which celebrates speech and has speech competitions. What’s the prize for winning these competitions? Answer: A



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