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Meet the Voice Actors of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Cast

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Meet the Voice Actors of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Cast

Meet the crew of the Tempest.

here are all the voice actors of mass effect andromeda’s cast. the voice cast is full of talent.

The voice of one of the protagonists of Mass Effect: Andromeda is fairly new to the scene. Tom Taylorson voices Scott Ryder, the brother of Sara. Oddly enough you might recognize him from the indie hit Octodad, where he voiced Octodad himself among other various roles. He’s also done a number of both television and radio commercials.

The other Ryder sibling, Sara Ryder, is played by Fryda Wolff, who’s done quite a few voices in video games before. She was the narrator in Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth, and played Mira in 2013’s Killer Instinct. She’s also done some roles in animation playing Poison Ivy in DC Super Friends. but there are more mass effect andromeda voice actors to go!

You’ll recognize Clancy Brown immediately from a couple huge roles. He played Sgt. Zim in Starship Troopers, and the iconic Mr. Krabbs in Spongebob Squarepants. he plays the role of Alec Ryder, the father of both protagonists, Scott and Sara.

Natalie Dormer is best known for her role as Margaery Tyrell in the mega-hit TV show, Game of Thrones. She’s also had some big roles in other popular TV shows and movies, like Anne Boleyn in the Tudors and Cressida in The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay. For Andromeda she plays Dr. Lexi T’Perro, the Tempest’s resident medical expert. she’s just one of the cast’s amazing voice actors

Christine Lakin, a member of the voice cast, has had numerous roles in both animation, movies, and video games. She played Jane in The Walking Dead: Season 2, Lisa Delaney in Modern Family, and Joyce Kinney in Family Guy. she plays Peebee, the eccentric Asari party member. We’re not done with mass effect andromeda voice cast yet

Jamie Clayton has had a number of television and movie roles. She played Nomi Marks in Netflix’s Sense8, Kyla in HBO’s Hung, and Michelle in Dirty Work. she voices a character you’ve already heard, Jien Garson is the founder of the Andromeda Initiative, the program to find humanity a new world to inhabit.

It’s easy to recognize Kumail Nanjiani of these voice actors from his role as Dinesh Chugtai on Silicon Valley’s list of voice cast. However, he’s also done a ton of different roles in films and TV like Fist Fight, Central Intelligence, and Bob’s Burgers. The actor plays Jarun Tann, a Salarian politician. the mass effect andromeda voice actors is huge

Another actor from Game of Thrones, Gethin Anthony played Renly Baratheon, one of the contenders for the Iron Throne. He also played Charles Manson in the TV show Aquarias, and has also played roles in video games, like Imshael in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Anthony plays Gil Brodie in Andromeda, the chief engineer of the Tempest. but that’s not all the mass effect andromeda voice actors of the voice cast just yet

Gary Carr has a sizeable list of parts as voice actors in various TV series. He was Jack Ross in Downton Abbey, Officer Fidel Best in Death in Paradise, and Millsy in Bluestone 42. Carr plays Liam Costa in Andromeda, one of the human party members joining Ryder along the way.

Nyasha Hatendi has had roles in video game before, particularly as Baruti Maphane in Dreamfall Chapters. However his experience is mostly in TV series, like Casual and Strike Back. Hatendi plays Jaal Ama Darave in Andromeda, a member of the brand new race called the Angaran, and one of Ryder’s squad members.

these are all the mass effect andromeda voice cast. enjoy!


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