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Injustice 2: All Confirmed Characters So Far

injustice 2, pc

Injustice 2: All Confirmed Characters So Far

All out war.

All Injustice 2 Characters confirmed so far

Superman injustice 2

The poster character of both this and the original Injustice game, Superman has already been shown both in action and the various trailers released. Despite being the villain in the previous title, judging by the new story trailer the tables could be turned and he could not take the mantle of hero once more. Superman was first introduced in 1938 via Action Comics #1 and has been a staple of the DC universe ever since. this was one of the first confirmed characters

Batman injustice 2

but that’s not all there is to the Injustice 2 confirmed characters


A newcomer to the Injustice series, Supergirl was one of the big reveals during the original Announcement Trailer and has been featured in a variety of gameplay videos. Supergirl, aka Karne Zor-El, didn’t appear until Action Comics #252 back in May of 1959.

The Flash

The Flash was one of the first confirmed characters coming to Injustice 2 and will be offering players the same high speed, rapid style combo he is known for. While The Flash has gained increased popularity thanks to his television show on the CW, he actually made his first appearance in 1940 via Flash Comics #1. this is the speediest of the Injustice 2 confirmed characters


Another well-known hero of DC Comics, Aquaman first emerged in November 1941 via More Fun Comics #73. Returning once more for Injustice 2, Aquaman will use his trident in battle and once more call upon the aid of a giant shark to eat his opponents when his ultimate is activated. which is your favorite of the injustice 2 confirmed characters so far?

Blue Beetle

This lesser know hero is making his debut into this series via Injustice 2. He received his own gameplay trailer showcasing his mix of close range and distance moves that could make him incredibly dangerous in the right hands. Blue Beetle first appeared in Blue Beetle #4 back in October 1940.


Harley Quinn

this was one of the most anticipated confirmed characters

Deadshot injustice 2

Despite being the headline of the Suicide Squad movie, this expert marksmen first appeared in 1950 thanks to the Batman #59 issue. This will be his first Injustice appearance and uses his skills to kill opponents at a safe distance. but wait, there’s more Injustice 2 confirmed characters

Gorilla Grodd

This telepathic ape was one of the first revealed antagonists of Injustice 2 and focuses around an up-close style of combat. Using his brute strength supplemented by his enhance abilities, allows Grodd to keep foes guessing during combos. He first appeared as a villain in The Flash #106 in May 1959.


Another newcomer to Injustice 2, Atrocitus is a member of the Red Lantern core that harnesses anger as a power source to use against enemies. This fairly new Injustice 2 confirmed character was first seen in 2007 via Green Lantern Vol. 4 #29.


One of the most powerful beings in all of DC Comics, Darkseid made his first full appearance in Forever People #1 in 1971. No gameplay footage currently exists of this foe nor his implications on the story as he was simply teased at the end of the Story Trailer as a pre-order bonus. He’s not exactly the most exciting of the confirmed Injustice 2 characters, but he’ll do.


Bane is one of Batman’s primary adversaries, Bane appeared in the Injustice 2 Story Trailer, however, he was also a playable fighter in the original Injustice. If his style is anything like it once was, he will use his Venom toxin to enhance his strength and allow him to deal incredible damage to his opponents if he can get in close. Bane burst onto the comic scene in 1993 via Batman: The Vengence of Bane #1.

Poison Ivy

This femme fatale is a popular mainstay in Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery and will be making her Injustice series debut with this sequel. No gameplay currently exists, but she was teased during the Story Trailer via the vines growing around her arms at the 1:34 mark. This famous villain first appeared in 1966 via Batman #181, and is just one of many highly anticipated injustice 2 confirmed characters


The narrator and big reveal during the Injustice 2 Stroy Trailer, Brainiac is one of the most powerful villains in the DC mythos. Nothing is currently known about his playstyle as this is his first appearance in the Injustice franchise. Brainiac made his arrival in Action Comics #242 way back in 1958. This is the last of the Injustice 2 confirmed characters

Black Canary

The next fighter on our roster is a longtime favorite for DC fans, as she is well known for powerful ultrasonic attacks. Revealed via IGN, Canary uses her martial arts skills to deal out some serious pain up-close, while utilizing her unique superpower as a ranged attack. This heroine burst onto the scene all the way back in 1947 via Flash Comics #86.

Swamp Thing

Perhaps the weirdest fighter in this roster, Swamp Thing was first seen in 1971 via the House of Secrets #92 comic. Announced via IGN, this brute force fighter uses his overwhelming size and ability to control nature to manhandled the competition. This is capped by a super move that has him effectively break the spine of whoever his opponent is. Yeesh.


One of Wonder Woman’s main adversaries, Cheetah was confirmed on Valentine’s Day via a new trailer titled “Here Come The Girls.” While details on her are scarce, she appears to be a fast melee fighter that uses her agility to constantly put pressure on her foes. Cheetah was first spotted in Wonder Woman #6 which was released back in 1943.


The mischevious thief herself, Selena Kyle made her debut in Batman #1 all the way back in 1940. Revealed via the “Here Come The Girls” trailer, she appears to be a quick fighter that can use her whip to zone out enemies when needed.

Dr. Fate

This magic-based superhero makes his debut appearance in the Injustice series and from the gameplay reveal he seems to have a rather diverse move set. Not only can Dr. Fate use melee based attacks, but his broad range of spells allows him to be flexible and keep foes at bay. Dr. Fate made his first comic book apperance in 1940 via More Fun Comic #55

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