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GTA V: 20 Mods You Absolutely Can’t Play Without

Changing the game.

GTA V: 20 Mods You Absolutely Can’t Play Without

GTA V is one fun playground to be in. Whether you’re completing some of the story missions, or just taking in the attractions that Los Santos has to offer, there’s something to keep you occupied for hours. On PC, though, GTA V becomes a completely different beast thanks to mods. You can do just about everything thanks to GTA V’s mods community, so to give you a helping hand on where to start, we’ve put together some of the best we’ve seen. So without further ado, let’s check out the best GTA V mods you can’t play without.

Did you enjoy GTA IV’s Liberty Citymap more than GTA V’s Los Santos? Well, you can now enjoy the best of both world by moving the Liberty City map over to GTA V with the help of a mod. It is quite empty with the lack of NPCs but it is great to explore a new area in the most recent game, especially if you’re familiar with that location.

Dragons Vlets you play as a dragon, spit fire, attack with your wings, as well as bite and grab people and cars in GTA V. You also can spawn dragons and us them as bodyguards and ride them around Los Santos. A dragon invasion can also be triggered, making everything feel more intense.

As any GTA V player would know, Los Santos already looks pretty incredible. However, would you turn down the chance to make it look even more realistic. TheWorld Improvementmod adds more unique NPCs, trees to Rockford Hills, and interesting world interactions that you wouldn’t encounter in the main game.

Superhot’s core mechanic is how time only moves when you do and that is how the Superhot mod works in GTA V. It’s fun to check out Los Santos, pausing time whenever you come across something interesting. You’ll be able to see what those weird pedestrians are up to.

The Gravity Gun mod isn’t the most effective for missions in GTA V but it is wonderful if you just fancy messing around in the streets of Los Santos. You can fire vehicles and pedestrians, or anything else that isn’t nailed down, across the map, making for some hilarious moments.

This mod is more helpful and interesting that it is amusing. There aren’t any silly moments to be had here with this GTA V mod, but the Open All Interiors mod allows you to access any building that has interior code in the game, whether they were included in the final game or not. It gives you far more scope for exploration.

The Map Editor transforms GTA V’s map into your own sandbox. You can move cars, NPCs, and objects around at will, creating areas for stunts or over-populating small areas. The free-cam makes it easy to navigate and the myriad of options gives you plenty of things to play with.

The Poke Ball works just as you’d expect and turns Los Santos into your own Pokemon GO style playground. Armed with Poke Balls, you can throw them and pedestrians and ‘catch them’. You’ll need to rough them up at little to make them weaker but the mod is perfect for any GTA V fan that also loves their Pokemon.

The GTA RPG mod turns GTA V into a more traditional RPG that features leveling, questing, non-linear dialogue, skills, looting, and much more. If you love the world Rockstar created but prefer the style of games that Bethesda create then this mod is perfect for you.

GTA V: 20 Mods You Absolutely Can’t Play Without

Are you more of a winter person? Do you love playing in the snow? Well, the Single-player Snow GTA V mod adds winter weather to the game’s single-player, allowing you to frolic in the snow anywhere in Los Santos, the perennially sunny place. Places like the pier are particularly fun to explore in the snowy conditions.

Imagine a world where every single person was really angry all the time and instead of shouting at you in the streets for bumping into them, they shot you with the automatic rifle they’re carrying. That is what happens in the Ped Riot mod in GTA V. You no longer have to worry about the cops and no-one else, every single NPC will take the law into their own hands.

The enemies, and the cops especially, can be quite formidable foes in GTA V, so you need all the help you can get. With the Bodyguard Menu mod, you can spawn a group of NPCs that will follow you around, assisting whenever necessary. You can ask them to attack people, collect things, or simple stand where they are. You now have your own set of disciples.

If Michael wasn’t rich enough for you in GTA V, you can pretend to be a billionaire with a new luxury compound in the hills in The Red House. The mod also adds bodyguards, more than 20 new missions, and a new heist. You get a huge amount of additional content to sink your teeth into.

If you aren’t tired of zombie games yet, you can now add hoards of un-dead to GTA V. Simple Zombies is a survival mod, so you need to manage food and sleep while keeping the survivors alive. The zombies are attacked to noises so do everything you can to keep quite while staying alive and safe.

We haven’t been treated to a great Spider-Man game in a while but this mod brings the web slinger to an already great game. You can shoot webs at enemies, grapple onto items and building, and importantly, wear the iconic suit. The Spider-Man mod is one of the best and most popular mods available in GTA V.

While traffic and pedestrians can be frustrating in GTA V’s single-player missions, they add to the world’s atmosphere and help make it feel like a real place. The Lively World mod adds to the number of vehicles in the game. Traffic is increased on roads, in the air, and on the water, helping to create some hilariously chaotic situations.

The Gang and Turf mod tries to re-create the gang gameplay of GTA sand Andreas. You create a gang, take over areas in Los Santos, and use those areas to increase your income. It is a fun throwback to a highlight of a previous game.

We were promised flying cars decades ago. While we don’t yet have them in real life, you can get them in GTA V with the help of the Vehicles Jetpack mod. You can launch your car over building and navigate the city easier. You have no need for those cumbersome planes anymore.

Blimps are boring; they’re slow and ugly to look both in GTA V and in real life. How about improving them by making them look like the reaper ship from the Mass Effect series? Thankfully, you can do just that with the Reaper mod. Piloting it makes you one the most menacing looking things in Los Santos.

While Michael and Franklin have nice places, you’ll always want the best you can get. Thankfully, the Marlow Valley Safehouse mod adds a luxury mansion with enough space for 30 vehicles, multiple helipads, and a beautiful place to hang out. It can be your new hub for all things GTA V.

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