10 Creepy Ghost-Type Pokemon With Seriously Messed Up Backstories

Mimikyu, a Gen VII ghost-type Pokemon, has a backstory that’s as sad as it is scary. This lonely pokemon wears a disguise that resembles Pikachu in order to get close to people. Without its disguise, however, Mimikyu takes inspiration from Patrick Star’s famous “Ugly Barnacle” story. Once, a scholar took off its disguise and died upon seeing its true form!

Chandelure may not be the most inspiring Pokemon design, making it easy for trainers to overlook. To make up for this, Chandelure swings its flames around, hypnotizing trainers. Once they’re in a trance, it steals their soul and burns it for fuel.

Yamasks have tortured existences. They rise from human graves, each carrying a mask that looks like their old face. They carry around these constant reminders of their past life, crying when they look at them, and still remember everything about life as a human. Yamasks don’t have the blessing of ignorance… they know they’re dead, and that those they loved are dead as well.

Haunter’s are scary in a nuanced way… they just love murdering people nearby. While their evolved form Gengar enjoy light-hearted pranks, Haunters doom travelers with a lick. Once licked, the victim will shake and convulse until they eventually pass away.

Another fairly lame design that masks a truly frightening Pokemon, Palossand at first looks like an impressive sand castle. In truth, this ghost-type Pokemon has the ability to set powerful curses on people. When those curses lead to death, Palossand covers up the bones and hides them beneath its body.

Anyone with fear of clowns can emphasize with trainers terrified of Gourgeist. This pumpkin-like Pokemon has long hair that look a lot like arms, and it uses them to torment humans. They walk through the streets at night singing an eerie song, cursing those who hear it. I’ve you’ve been cursed, Gourgeists trap you with their hair. From there they sing merrily, watching as you suffer.

Drifloons look like the perfect Pokemon for a child. They’re pretty much just sentient balloons, perfect for birthday parties! Many young trainer’s parents likely had that exact thought, until light-weight children who held Drifloons started to slowly disappear. Where Drifloon take them, no one knows for sure, but they are easily overpowered by kids with a little weight!

Froslass’s origins are shrouded in mystery, but legend has it a woman who was once lost in snowy mountains turned into a Froslass. Once Froslass finds its prey, it freezes them with its icy breath and brings them back to its lair. Froslass has an eye for interior design, and puts the frozen bodies of people and Pokemon on display in its icy den.

Dolls are terrifying, and Banette is no expection. This ghost-type Pokemon used to be an ordinary doll, until it was thrown out by its owner. Betrayed, powerful feelings of hatred drive them to life. Banette travels the world searching for the owner who discarded it, yearning for revenge. It does have one vital weakness, however. Its mouth is sealed shut by a zipper than holds all that hateful energy in. Once opened, Banette turns back into an ordinary doll.

Phantump isn’t scary to look at, but if you’ve ever caught one you need to take a good long look in the mirror. Phantumps are created when spirits possess rotten tree stumps… spirits of children who died in the forest, to be exact. Trainers who use Phantump are actually having Pokemon battles with dead children’s spirits. But hey! At least the leaves on Phantump can be used as medicine to cure any illness!

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