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Gaming’s Top 15 Most Deranged Mad Scientists


Gaming’s Top 15 Most Deranged Mad Scientists

Sigma (Overwatch)

Of all the 31 characters on its roster, no Hero has had an introduction quite as terrifying as Siebren de Kuiper, also known as Sigma.

In the recent short introducing the character, de Kuiper is shown researching attempting to harness gravity. After being exposed to a black hole for mere seconds, he suffers serious psychological damage.

The video shows the scientist slowly deteriorate into madness, giving players a glimpse at what is to come.

Amanda Kenson (Mass Effect 2)

Like many other scientists in the series, Amanda Kenson is a brilliant mind. She is known for her groundbreaking discoveries regarding the origin of the Mass Relays.

In Mass Effect 2’s Arrival DLC, she plays a pivotal role, helping Shepard try to slow the impending Reaper invasion. Just like almost everyone else who is exposed to Reaper technology for too long, Kenson becomes Indoctronated, turning on Shepard, going mad in the process.

Dr. Robotnik (Sonic)

With one of the most unique designs in video gaming, even non-gamers recognize Doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. This rotund genius serves as the main villain of almost every single Sonic the Hedgehog video game, doing his best to conquer the world and create his ultimate utopia, Eggmanland, in each title.

The Surgeon (Fallout 3)

The Surgeon is one of the most interesting scientists on this list, as they had so much potential to explore, but simply exist as another small character in the world of Fallout 3.

Regardless of whether they are a man or women, they are a hostile mad scientist located in the Red Racer Factory, almost always attacking for interrupting their precious experiment.

That experiment is nonother than implanting mind-control chips into multiple ghouls and super mutants inside the factory

Dr. Challus Mercer (Dead Space)

While many of the scientist on this list are mad, few are as much a crazy zealot as Dead Space antagonist Challus Mercer.

After studying the Necromorph aboard the USG Ishimura, Dr. Mercer became fascinated with them, believing the infection to be the stage of the human race.

Dr. Nefarious (Ratchet & Clank Series)

Never trust a mad scientist, especially when their name is Dr. Nefarious. This robotic, self-proclaimed supervillain serves as both a main antagonist and protagonist throughout the Ratchet & Clank series, usually looking to take over the galaxy and transform the populous to robots.

Dr. Zed (Borderlands)

It really doesn’t take long into the Borderlands series to see why Dr. Zed lost his medical license for “unknown reasons”. From his introduction in “The Doctor Is In” to his alternative role as Dr. Ned, this character is as deranged as the come – albeit hilarious.

Dr. Wily (MegaMan)

In looking for a defining factor of Doctor Albert W. Wily’s madness, look no further than the quote “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Instead of focusing on creating robots with independent thought with college Dr. Light, Wily instead chose to push for his Double Gear program’s “unstoppable power and insurmountable speed”. In the end, this power-focused mindset pushed him to world domination.

Thankfully, Light’s creation, Megaman, is always there to thwart the mad doctor’s attempts.

Hugo Strange (Arkham Series)

Batman’s secret identity isn’t the easiest thing to crack, as Bruce Wayne does everything in his power to keep his two lives separate. In Arkham City, Hugo Strange not only figures it out but manages to capture the Dark Knight, making it is clear he isn’t just some two-bit scientist.

Despite his small stature, Strange is one of the more imposing characters on this list, due in part to his trademark glasses and beard.

Jacob Crow (TimeSplitters)

You really have to be quite the talented – and mad – scientist to create an entire race of people. That is exactly what Jacob Crow manages to do in TimeSplitters.

Crow manages to create a race, known as the TimeSplitters, after his quest for immortality took him through time. By creating this race, the scientist accidentally starts a war between the TimeSplitters and Humanity that rages on throughout the series.

Professor Von Kriplespac (Conker’s Bad Fur Day)

Conker’s Bad Fur Day is known for having a variety of vulgar talking animals, but few that are quite as excentric as the series’ main villain, Professor Von Kriplespac.

This Prussian weasel entire design and backstory is…interesting, as shown in the “Milk Wars” multiplayer campaign mode. Kriplespac is seen in this mode directing the army of murderous teddy bears (Tediz) he created, wearing a Nazi SS uniform as his soldiers shout “Heil Kriplespa” at him.

Wilhelm Strasse (Wolfenstein)

In the alternate history that is the Wolfenstein series, Hitler himself may not have as much power as Oberstgruppenführer Wilhelm “Deathshead” (Totenkopf) Strasse.

Thanks to Strasse’s gifted mind, the Nazi’s SS Special Projects Division helps lead Germany to victory in World War II. Most, if not all, of the German’s power came from the doctor’s zombie-like super soldiers and robotic servants.

William Birkin (Resident Evil)

William Birkin is one of the most infamous mad scientists in video game history, as his creation of the G-Virus causes the outbreaks that plague almost every event that occurs throughout Resident Evil.

It that wasn’t mad enough, Birkin even injects the G-Virus into, turning himself into an evolving mutant abomination.

Doug Rattmann (Portal)

Doug “Rat Man” Rattmann is certainly the saddest cases of a mad scientist in video game history. This brilliant scientist is the only one to have survived the betrayal of GLaDOS prior to the events of Portal and is responsible for her downfall.

While sneaking around he breaks into the test subjects’ filing room and moves Chell’s name to the top of the list. This leads to the events that follow in Portal.

Rattmann didn’t escape unfazed though, as he isn’t able to access the anti-psychotic medicine that helps keep his schizophrenic at bay. His crazed paintings and murals can be found on the walls of testing chambers hidden throughout the game.

Rintaro Okabe (Steins Gate)

While Rintaro Okabe might not be as deranged as the rest of the minds on this list, he certainly is the maddest of scientists (at least according to himself).

Better known by his mad scientist alias, Hououin Kyōma, Okabe is the founder of the “Future Gadget Laboratory”.

At first, he simply seems mad, constantly posturing and faking phone calls that a secret agency is spying on him. It isn’t long before he and his friends stumble upon a way to send emails into the past, altering the future.

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