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Here are the Voice Actors of Fire Emblem Echoes’ Cast

fire emblem echoes

Here are the Voice Actors of Fire Emblem Echoes’ Cast

The first fully-voiced Fire Emblem story.

Kyle McCarley has already been a major character in another huge RPG of the year, when he played 9S in NieR: Automata. You’ll probably also recognize him from anime series like Mob Psycho 100, where he plays Shigeo Kageyama. In Fire Emblem Echoes McCarley takes the role of Alm, one of the two main protagonists of the game.

You’ll probably also recognize the voice of the second main character of Fire Emblem Echoes, played by Erica Lindbeck. The actress was in another of the year’s major RPGs when she played Futaba Sakura in Persona 5. She’s also had a ton of different roles in anime and video games, like Anemone in NieR: Automata and Jericho in the Seven Deadly Sins.

Doug Stone has a long history of acting in animation and video games. He’s had parts in anime series like Eureka Seven, Ergo Proxy, and Naruto. You might recognize his video game work, however, as he’s been the voice of Xu Zhu and Zhang Jiao in the Dynasty Warriors series, and Psycho Mantis from the Metal Gear Solid series. In Echoes he plays Mycen, an important mentor to both Alm and Celica.

Max Mittelman is a name you’ll probably immediately recognize, as he’s had some big roles lately. Most recently, he played Ryuji Sakamoto in Persona 5. Although he’s also known for the roles of Saitama in One Punch Man, and Zeke in Fallout 4. He’s even worked in the Fire Emblem series as Leo in Fates. For Echoes, however, he plays Gray, a childhood friend of Alm’s that comes along for the adventure.

You might first recognize Robbie Daymond for his role as Prompto in 2016’s Final Fantasy XV. However, he’s also known for some other prominent roles like Sorey from Tales of Zestiria, Gilthunder from The Seven Deadly Sins, Goro Akechi from Persona 5. Daymond plays Tobin in Fire Emblem Echoes, another childhood friend of both Alm and Gray.

Ray Chase has become much more well known in video games as of late, particularly for his headlining role as Prince Noctis in Final Fantasy XV. He’s also played Eve in NieR: Automata, and The Master in Kingdom Hearts 2.8. For Fire Emblem Echoes he plays Fernand, a brand new character introduced with the remake.

Monica Rial definitely has some wide range of voice talent, as she’s played varied characters over the years. She’s played Bulma and Seer on Dragon Ball Super, Bienfu in Tales of Berseria, Mei-rin in Black Butler, and much much more in anime and video games. In Fire Emblem Echoes Rial plays the role of the goddess Mila, the co-creator of Valentia and founder of the Kingdom of Zofia.

Kyle Hebert is responsible for some incredibly classic anime characters. He played not only Gohan, but also the narrator and the Ox-King in Dragon Ball Z. You’d also recognize him as Ryu in Street Fighter V, or Big the Cat in the Sonic games. For Fire Emblem Echoes, Hebert plays Valbar, a stoic Knight Celica meets early on in her journey.

Marc Diraison is probably best known for two major roles in anime, the titular main hero of Berserk, Guts, and Roronoa Zolo from the One Piece series. He’s also had roles in One Punch Man, Dynasty Warriors 8, and the Pokemon TV series. Diraison plays the role of a mysterious masked man named Conrad in Fire Emblem Echoes.

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