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FIFA 17: All New Legends Players and Their Ratings


FIFA 17: All New Legends Players and Their Ratings

The former Barcelona Center Back joins the FIFA 17 Legends ranks with some seriously high Physical and Defense ratings to boot.

Best known for his career at Juventus, Del Piero brings a lethal shot, and five star weak foot to Legends. He’s a deep-lying forward, though, so his work rate is pretty poor.

Former Manchester United Central Midfielder, Paul Scholes, is the playmaker that every team needs. He’s got excellent passing and shooting ratings, though he’s lacking in the pace department.

Now the Director of Soccer at Ajax, Overmars was well known for his stints at Arsenal and Barcelona as well as the Dutch club. He’s got the pace and dribbling ratings perfect for any winger.

Manchester United’s big man at the back for a good few years, Rio Ferdinand’s defensive prowess shows in his physical and defensive stats in FIFA 17’s Legends.

Veron has a pretty lengthy club history, with Lazio, Manchester United, and Inter Milan being some of the highlights. He’s got a strong weak foot, and some excellent passing ability in FIFA 17’s Legends.

French international, Emmanuel Petit joins the rank of Legends in FIFA 17 with his high work rate and physical stats being the most notable.

Mexico’s highest international goalscorer in World Cups has some stats perfect for a finisher in your team. His pace, dribbling, and shooting stats are all way above average.

Liverpool’s legendary center back brings strong defensive and physical stats to the table. We just wouldn’t advise shooting with him all that much.

He may not be overly strong or a good defender, but Solskjaer’s pace and shooting stats more than make up for it. His weak foot stat isn’t half bad either, making finishing a lot easier in front of goal.

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