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16 Fan-Made Dragon Ball Fusions that We All Wish Were Real


16 Fan-Made Dragon Ball Fusions that We All Wish Were Real

We can dream, can’t we?

Over the years the Dragon Ball series has introduced tons of different fusions between a variety of a different characters. Even then, however, there are some fusions that have yet to become reality. These fan made Dragon Ball fusions combine some characters who would probably never be fighting on the same side along with some others that actually don’t seem too far fetched.

Powerful fan made fusions of Dragon Ball villains.

Goku fuses with Master Roshi

Fan art by Yeak Looi


Majin Buu and Cooler fusion

Fan art by theothersmen

Baby takes over Super Buu.

Fan art by Alpha DBZ

Baby takes over Broly and completes the transformation.

Fan art by bhartigan

Bra, or Bulla, fuses with Pan.

Fan art by salvamakoto

Buu fuses with Perfect Cell

Fan art by hsvhrt


Gohan fuses with Piccolo

Mod created by kinnikuchu

Fan made fusion between King Vegeta and Bardock.

Fan art by alessandelpho

Whis fuses with Beerus.

Fan art by justice-71

Super Man has become an unofficial affiliate of all things Dragon Ball after Screw Attack featured the DC super hero dominating Goku in not one, but two death battles. But what would happen if both of these incredibly strong heroes put their differences aside and decided to fuse instead?

Fan art by phil-cho

Trunks fuses with Goku

Mod created by grognougnou

Trunks and Vegeta fan-made fusion

Mod created by grognougnou

King Kai (North Kai) and Majin Buu fuse together

Mod created by grognougnou

Frieza fuses with Tapion

Fan art by justice-71

Android 13 and Android 17

Fan art by bloodsplach

Frieza, Cell and Buu

Fan art by salvamakoto

Omega Shenron and Super Buu

Mod created by grognougnou

Piccolo and Krillin

Piccolo and Krillin, or Prillin, has kind of been created already… but not really. Since Krillin and Piccolo are seen performing the fusion dance in the anime, creators decided why not go ahead and mock up a version of the pair if they actually did manage to fuse together. The drawing was never released in the manga and the character was never seen in any of the anime episodes but the design was featured in a Dragon Ball card game. More recently, however, one modder really brought the hypothetical fusion to life.

Mod created by pessi

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