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Here’s Where Every Spider-Man PS4 Suit Comes From


Here’s Where Every Spider-Man PS4 Suit Comes From

Here’s Where Every Spider-Man Suit Comes From

Classic Suit (Damaged) – Amazing Fantasy Vol 1 #15 (1962)

WARNING: The 27th and 28th entries contain spoilers for the game’s story. All other entries are spoiler-free.

His famous red and blue suit entered the Spider-Man chronology the exact same date that old Spidey himself did. His first appearance ever was in 1962’s Amazing Fantasy Vol 1 #15.

Classic Suit (Repaired) – Amazing Fantasy Vol 1 #15 (1962)

The Repaired version of his classic suit is much less worse for wear than the Damaged version and comes with almost 100% stitches guaranteed.

Vintage Comic Book Suit – Amazing Fantasy Vol 1 #15 (1962)

The PS4 game can’t get enough of that original suit. The Vintage Comic Book version gives teh character a nice cel-shaded look as if it’s sprung right out of a comic book panel.

Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit – Spider-Man 2099 Vol 1 #1 (1992)

Migeul O’Hara dons the 2099 Black Suit in the appropriately named Spider-Man 2099 series of comic books. This character is also playable in the Shattered Dimensions game.

Scarlet Spider Suit – Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 #118 (1994)

Ben Reilly is the first person to sport the less-than-suave Scarlet Spider Suit. A year later, he would go on to get his own limited series in the form of Web of Scarlet Spider.

Electrically Insulated Suit – Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #425 (1997)

In the comic books, this suit was named the Electro-Proof Suit. Of course, Peter created the suit to protect himself from the powers of Electro.

Negative Suit – Spider-Man Vol 1 #90 (1998)

Upon entering the Negative Zone, Peter’s suit was stripped of its colors, creating this black and white suit. It did wonders for his stealth in the Negative Zone.

Wrestler Suit – Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 #3 (2001)

Unfortunately, the Wrestler Suit doesn’t originate from the Sam Raimi film. In Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 #3, Peter puts on the suit to disguise himself when he defeats Crusher Hogan in the ring.

Last Stand Suit – Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #58 (2003)

Madame Web gives Peter a glimpse into his future where he sees himself clad in a pretty snazzy jacket. Unfortunately, Peter’s future wasn’t a bright one.

Secret War Suit – Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury (2005)

This collection of documents features SHIELD files on many characters associated with the Secret War. It’s the first time we get a good look at the dark Secret War Suit.

Noir Suit – Spider-Man Noir Vol 1 #1 (2009)

Spider-Man Noir is an alternate take on the character’s story set in 1933. If you thought Peter Parker was edgy in the third Raimi film, you haven’t seen a thing yet. Noir is another of the four playable Spider-Men in Shattered Dimensions.

Stealth (“Big Time”) Suit – Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #650 (2010)

The Stealth Suit was developed to protect Peter from the harsh screams of the Hobgoblin. The camo mode turns Peter invisible and also changes the costume to a bright neon-green, as opposed to the standard red.

Spider Armor – Mk II Suit – Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #656 (2011)

Peter used this new bulletproof armor to take down the supervillain Massacre. It can also shoot webs that block out radio frequencies.

Spirit Spider – Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 #38 (2011)

Known as the Ghost Spider in the comic books, he is an alternate version of Peter Parker from the “perfect” world, Earth-11638.

Fear Itself Suit – Fear Itself Vol 1 #7 (2011)

This rather psychedelic suit was given to Peter by Tony Stark and the Dwarves of Nidavellir. It was later destroyed by Tony following orders from Odin.

Spider Armor – Mk III Suit – Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #682 (2012)

The Mk III Spider Armor was created to fight the Sinister Six. He whipped it out to thwart Doctor Octopus’ plan of speeding up the Greenhouse effect.

Spider-Punk – Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #10 (2015)

Spider-Punk (alter ego, Hobart Brown) is an alternate version of the webslinger from Earth-138. He shows up to save Miles Morales and Ultimate Jessica Drew from Verna’s Hounds. He holds the power of “15,000 watts of punkrock.”

Spider Armor – Mk IV Suit – Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 # 1 (2015)

The Mk IV suit is a much sleeker designed version of the Spider Armor. The suit has several different sensors and a heads-up display built inside as well as a modified version of Webware. In the words of Peter Parker: “Tony Stark would wet himself if he knew what I was packing in this suit.

Spider-Man 2099 White Suit – Spider-Man 2099 Vol 3 #1 (2015)

The 2099 White Suit is worn by an alternate version of Miguel O’Hara from Earth-TRN588. New man, new suit. The suit was gifted to him by Peter Parker after he joins Parker Industries.

Stark Suit – Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Disappointed with Peter’s current duds, Tony Stark developed a brand new and much sexier suit to help him take on Captain America and his team.

Undies – Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 #4 (2016)

While I can’t track down the exact undies worn by Peter in the PS4 game, there is an instance of Deadpool sporting a pair of Spidey briefs in the crossover comic series.

Dark Suit – Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 #8 (2016)

The Symbiote and Black Cloth suits have appeared in several stories, but this particular version with the red eyes and spider appeared in Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 #8.

Homemade Suit – Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

The Homemade Suit can be seen screwed up in Peter’s room in Captain America: Civil War, but it isn’t until Homecoming that Peter uses the less-than-technologically-advanced get-up to fight crime.

Iron Spider Suit – Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Another costume from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this particular version of the Iron Spider Suit hails from Spidey’s latest appearance in the MCU, Avengers: Infinity War. It looks cool, but if you use it, you might not feel so good.

Advanced Suit – Spider-Man PS4 (2018)

The Advanced Suit is a completely new one introduced in the game. It isn’t too dissimilar to the Classic Suit, apart from the big white spider on the chest.

Velocity Suit – Spider-Man PS4 (2018)

SECOND WARNING: The 27th and 28th entries contain spoilers for the game’s story. You have been warned.

The Velocity Suit looks like it could be another entry in the Spider Armor lineup, but it isn’t. It was specially-designed for this game by Adi Granov, an artist who has been working for Marvel since 2004.

ESU Suit – Spider-Man PS4 (2018)

The ESU Suit is obtained through story progression in the game. There aren’t any instances that I could find of Peter wearing this specific ESU shirt, likely meaning that it was designed for this game. ESU (Empire State University) is the fictional university that Peter Parker attended.

Anti-Ock Suit – Spider-Man PS4 (2018)

The Anti-Ock Suit is also obtained through story progression in the game. This new suit hasn’t appeared in any media outside of the PS4 game.

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