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Every New Game Announced at E3 2018, Ranked by Hype

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Every New Game Announced at E3 2018, Ranked by Hype

Every New Game Announced at E3 2018 Ranked on Hypeworthiness

Command & Conquer Rivals

Hype Level: This is how they bring the series back?

We’ve been waiting so long for a new Command & Conquer, and they give us a mobile game? It looks like it could be okay, but this isn’t the great strategy game that fans were looking for. This announcement reminds me of Metroid Prime: Federation Force, the definition of anti-hype.


Just Dance 2019

Hype Level: It’s coming to the Wii!

The game doesn’t look bad or anything – I actually really like the Just Dance games. There’s just nothing that sets it apart from the previous games, which makes the announcement pretty boring. Major hype for those of you who only own a Wii or an Xbox 360, though.


NBA Live 19

Hype Level: It’s NBA Live again.

Again, this isn’t a bad looking game by any means, they just didn’t show off anything noteworthy about the new entry. It’s basketball, alright.


Gears POP!

Hype Level: Thank God they Announced Gears 5 Afterward

What is this game? A mobile Gears of War game in the Funko POP art style? I’m hoping it plays like Traveller’s Tales’ Lego games, which, if it does, it could be a lot of fun, but they didn’t show even a slither of gameplay, so we have no idea what the game is going to play like.


The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Hype Level: Not the Elder Scrolls we Were Looking For

“A massive first-person RPG with console quality graphics, but with a uniquely mobile experience,” according to Todd Howard. He also says that the game is coming to PCs, consoles and VR. Why play a mobile experience on your consoles and PC, when you can just play one of the many console experience Elder Scrolls games on those platforms instead?


Babylon’s Fall

Hype Level: Intrigue, at Least

I bet a lot of you forgot what this game was. Babylon’s Fall was one of the few games shown off at Square Enix’s E3 press conference, but there was hardly anything to see. All we know is that it’s a high fantasy game made by PlatinumGames. The final shot of the trailer shows four different characters looking up at a great tower, so there’s a chance that this game might have some sort of multiplayer content. It’s one I’m eager to learn more about.



Hype Level: It’s FIFA Again (But With UEFA)

Like Just Dance 2019 and NBA Live 19, there’s not too much FIFA could have shown at E3 to get us hyped. Although, UEFA coming to FIFA is at least a little hypeworthy.


The Quiet Man

Hype Level: FMV Is Back?!

Square Enix really made the mistake of not showing enough from the few games that they did bring to E3. However, the prospect of a new high-budget beat ’em up brings a bit of excitement. And if those live-action cutscenes are in the game, that’s pretty hypeworthy.


Generation Zero

Hype Level: Horizon Meets Left 4 Dead?

YouTuber BigfryTV calls Generation Zero “Horizon meets Left 4 Dead.” That is pretty hype. However, we would have needed to see a bit of gameplay to really raise the hypeworthiness.


My Friend Pedro

Hype Level: Flips and Shit

The trailer of this game makes it look a little like a 2D Superhot. It looks like the focus of the game is on performing the most sexy and stylish kills that you can, with a bit of slowmotion too. Looks fun.



Hype Level: Let it Die Meets Splatoon

Ninjala is one of the smaller announcements from E3 that you may have missed. It’s a Switch exclusive from the creators of Let it Die, in which you make your weapons out of bubblegum. The game’s teaser trailer even features BabyMetal (whether this makes the game more or less hypeworthy is up to you).


Bravery Network Online

Hype Level: Pokemon Without the Pokemon

The announcemenet trailer of this game clearly shows the Pokemon influence. In battles, you take it in turns picking one of four moves to use, and one of the moves is actually called peck! What it lacks in a collection of creatures, it makes up for in a sleek comic book art style.



Hype Level: Why Isn’t This Skate 4?

There have been some strange Skate-related happenings as of late, so when Microsoft reveals a new, sweet looking skating game, of course we initially thought it was Skate 4. Nothing against Session, but we can’t help being a little disappointed.



Hype Level: It’s Available Now?!

Everyone loves a good shadow drop. Overwhelm was announced yesterday, and released at the exact same time, and that’s always pretty hype. It’s a retro-style action game that reminds me a bit of Atari’s H.E.R.O. mixed with a run n’ gun. It’s available on Steam right now for 20% off, for anyone who wants to check it out.


Gears Tactics

Hype Level: A Little Change Never Hurt Anyone

The Gears of War franchise has seen five third-person shooter games, and that’s it. It’s nice to see that they’re trying something new.


Morning Star

Hype Level: You Have My Curiosity

Shown off at the E3 2018 PC gaming show, PC Gamer describes it as a “post-cyberpunk farming sim.” The trailer definitely delivers some intrigue.


Twin Mirror

Hype Level: Game Is Strange

The trailer doesn’t really show much besides loose teases of the game’s themes, so it’s hard to say what we can expect from this game. The trailer was going for mystery, after all, and it certainly succeeds in that regard. It’s being developed by Dontnod, the guys behind Life Is Strange, and anything new from that developer certainly has our interest.


Overcooked 2

Hype Level:  Simmering

Overcooked was a surprise indie hit when it released two years ago. Overcooked 2 does look like more of the same, but the promise of online multiplayer and new gameplay mechanics is definitely exciting.


Trials Rising

Hype Level: Crashing With Style and Getting Up Again

The previous game in the series, Trials of the Blood Dragon, didn’t quite receive the same high level of praise that the series usually garners. However, from what Ubisoft showed at its E3 press conference, it’s looking like Trials Rising should hopefully raise the series back to one of quality.


Killer Queen Black

Hype Level: I Can Finally Play This Game!

Killer Queen is an arcade game that has been getting a lot of buzz, but sadly, due to its arcade exclusivity, many people haven’t had a chance to try it out. It’s a 10 player competitive game with multiple ways to win: acquiring all berries, riding a snail to your goal, or killing the opposing side’s queen. It looks like some great hectic fun.



Hype Level: You Play as the Shark

Has there been a game where you exclusively play as a shark before (excluding Dreamworks’ Shark Tale video game)? This game looks pretty crazy, and could prove to be pretty fun, so long as you’re not squeamish.


Daemon X Machina

Hype Level: Is It an Armored Core? Is It a Xenoblade Chronicles X 2?

No, it’s a Deamon X Machina! This is a brand new I.P. coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch, from Kenichiro Tsukuda, a producer on a number of Armored Core titles. The trailer made the game look super stylish with its striking use of color.


Metal Wolf Chaos XD


For some strange reason, the Japan-only Xbox game Metal Wolf Chaos has gained a cult following in recent years. It’s likely due to the hilariously bastardized representation of how badass the United States of America is. The Xbox game has become quite expensive lately, so it’s extremely hypeworthy that the game is finally getting an official release in the West in remastered form that everbody can get their hands on.


Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

Hype Level: Woo, PS3 Exclusive Content!

Tales of Vesperia is one of the most beloved games in one of the most beloved JRPG franchises, but we sadly never received the best version of it here in the West. The PS3 version, which was exclusive to Japan, included new playable characters, new dungeons, new bosses, and a bunch more extras. Now we can finally experience that all in English! This release is very hypeworthy for fans of the game, and great for those looking to experience it for the first time.



Hype Level: Strong Ico Vibes

Sable looks like a very pretty, artistic game that really reminds me of Ico. Although, it definitely stands out for its unique use of cell shading. If everything from the trailer is in-game footage, that is pretty impressive.



Hype Level: The Dark Souls of VR

Deracine is From Software’s first foray into the world of VR, coming exclusively to PlayStation VR. Could this be the PlayStation VR’s killer app? We may be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but the idea of such a talented team trying something this different leaves us rife with anticipation, and ready and willing to don the VR headset once more.


Forza Horizon 4

Hype Level: ‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly

Forza Horizon 4 definitely looks like it has the potential to be the best Forza game to date. The shared open-world has me particularly excited; I can’t wait to join in on the chaos!


Unravel Two

Hype Level: The Best Shadow Drop of E3

How did we not know about this game until now? This was the perfect game for EA to shadow drop, considering that it’s not too expensive and has co-op. Thanks EA for giving us something cool to dig into there and then!


Rage 2

Hype Level: Raging

Thanks to our friends at Walmart Canada, we already had a sneaking suspicion that Rage 2 was going to show up at E3, and the game’s strong showing did a good job of getting us pumped up for it. We can’t wait to try out some of those deadly new skills for ourselves.



Hype Level: It’s Been Over 20 Years!

Finally, the Battletoads are back! The last game in the Battletoads series, Battletoads Arcade, released all the way back in 1994, so their comeback is way past overdue. We don’t know much about the game, but one thing we do know is that it will feature “genre mash-ups” similar to the first game.


Dying Light 2

Hype Level: Chris Avellone Hype

Dying Light is back, and this time Chris Avellone is joining the team to work on the game. Avellone has worked on a plethora of games throughout his career, including Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Divinity: Original Sin II, and a bunch of Baldur’s Gate games. He has taken on the narrative designer role for Dying Light 2. This sequel promises to offer choice and consequence into the series for the first time.


Tetris Effect

Hype Level: Testsuya Mizuguchi Hype

A Tetris game from the mind behind Rez and Lumines? Not only that, but it’s in VR? Sign me up! Rez Infinite in VR is one of the most surreal experiences in gaming, and I am stoked for anything new that Mizuguchi is cooking up for virtual reality.


Super Mario Party

Hype Level: The Mario Party That We Needed

Mario Party: The Top 100 was pretty lacking in modes, and the previous two mainline Mario Party games forced you to move around together in the same cart. Super Mario Party looks to bring the series back to form with independent movement, and the board game gameplay that we know and love. Franchise savior, right here.


Hitman 2

Hype: Kill a Guy With a Fish

You can kill a guy with a fish, wrench, coconut, or whatever you like in Hitman 2 it seems. The amount of creativity that Hitman 2 will allow you in terms of taking down your targets really drives up the hype levels. Plus, you can play the Silent Assassin co-op mode right now if you pre-order the game.


The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Hype Level: Absolutely Free!

Those eagerly awaiting the upcoming Life Is Strange 2 have been gifted a special treat from Dontnod. Captain Spirit gives us an early look at the world of Life Is Strange 2 through the eyes of a new character, and it will be 100% free. A free game in 2018 with no micro-transactions is super hypeworthy!


The Forgotten City

Hype Level: Hooray for Modern Storyteller

Originally an award-winning mod for Skyrim, The Forgotten City is getting its own standalone game. We live in an amazing world where small game developers can be noticed just though hard work and dedication. A huge congratulations to the folks at Modern Storyteller – your game looks awesome!


Nioh 2

Hype Level: Overshadowed by Sekiro

The first Nioh was a really good game, and it’s likely that the second will follow suit. It’s just a shame that we saw a much better showing from the similar Sekiro, leaving Nioh 2 to be a bit forgotten. We didn’t even get a snippet of gameplay from Nioh 2. Still looking forward to the game, though.



Hype Level: Bethesda’s First Wholly Original Franchise in 25 Years

It’s probably unfair to place a game that we know next to nothing about this high on the list, but come on, it’s a new franchise from one of the top-ranked publishers in the industry. You can bet that’s pretty damn hypeworthy! The anticipation for Bethesda’s 2019 E3 press conference has started ealry.


Just Cause 4

Hype Level: Maximum Carnage

The introduction of extreme weather might just make Just Cause 4 the craziest open-world game ever. Check out OfficialNerdCubed’s gameplay video if you want to see how much fun you can have just messing around in the world of Just Cause 4.


Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Hype Level: Co-op Wolfenstien

Youngblood seems like it’s in the same Vein as Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – more of an expansion than its own game. What sets Yougblood apart, however, is the introduction of co-op. A co-op Wolfenstein gets all of my “yes.”


Sea of Solitude

Hype Level: The Highlight of EA’s E3 Press Conference

EA’s E3 press conference was mostly lacking in thrills, but Sea of Solitude completely went against the grain. It’s an awesome-looking 3D action game with what looks to be some underlying themes of torment and suffering. EA Originals continues to churn out some great stuff.


Gears 5

Hype Level: Gears Is Back, Baby

Gears of War 4 ended on a cliffhanger, so it’s great news that it won’t be too long before we get to find out what’s next for J.D., Kait, and pals. Emotions are running high in the announcement trailer.



Hype Level: The VR’s Killer App?

Insomniac is really going all out for this VR game. It’s a first-person shooter where you play as a robot gardener who has to take care of some invaders. The VR has been great so far for smaller, more condensed experiences, but it’s lacking in the big budget titles that are commonplace outside of VR. Sure, there’re games like Skyrim and Resident Evil VII, but these games are available outside of VR. This looks like it could be the real killer VR exclusive that we’ve been waiting for.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey


Ubisoft has done a great job at making their recent Assassin’s Creed games stand out from the previous lot. Interactive dialogue trees, the return of naval battles, and the inclusion of large-scaled battles all ramp up the hypeworthiness of Assassn’s Creed Odyssey. We can’t wait to kick some Spartan ass (hopefully into a botomless pit at some point).


Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Hype Level: Our Hype Will Tip the Scales

Fire Emblem is making its way back to a console for the first time in over 10 years, and in HD for the first time. It looks like everything we could have ever dream of, with its anime cutscenes, introduction of larger-scaled battles, and some of the visual novel-esque elements from the 3DS games. We couldn’t ask for more from the next Fire Emblem (but it would be nice if it didn’t slip to 2019).


Doom Eternal

Hype Level: Eternal

I don’t think many people were prepared for just how good 2016’s Doom was. It ended up being the game that we didn’t know we wanted, and since it’s release, all we have ever wanted is a sequel to it. Now we’re getting one! More powerful demonslayer, twice as many badass demons, and hell on Earth? Bring it on! QuakeCon can’t come soon enough.


Fallout 76

Hype Level: I’ve Got You in My Sights

What was revealed about Fallout 76 at Bethesda’s E3 2018 press conference may not have been what many of us were imagining. It looks like a unique online experience that I’m very eager to checkout. The idea of how nukes work and the base building are particularly intriguing.



Hype Level: Out of Control

This was one of the most surprising reveals at Sony’s E3 press conference. Remedy, a developer whose last two games have been exclusive to Xbox systems, are branching out to make a game for multiple platforms. The trailer looks freaking nuts. It’s some sort of third-person shooter with a crazy world, in which you can use force-like powers.


The Elder Scrolls VI

Hype Level: OMG, It’s Not Skyrim Again!

Bethesda is finally progressing beyond Skyrim with The Elder Scrolls VI. Aaaand that’s about all we know.  It’s probably unfair to include a game with so little information this high up on the list, but come on, it’s a new numbered Elder Scrolls game! Elder Scrolls = pure hype (as long as it’s not Elder Scrolls Blades or one of the N-Gage games).


Resident Evil 2

Hype Level: [In the Voice of Ashley Graham] LEON!

Woooooo! It’s about time this game was officially announced. Resi fans have been strung along for years by the notion that Capcom has been working on this game, and finally, our patience has been rewarded. Guys, it’s official. Mark your calenders: the Resident Evil 2 remake is coming out on January 25, 2019!


Devil May Cry 5

Hype Level: This Was the Game to Feel My Dark Soul With HYYYYYYYPE!

The double whammy from Capcom: Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5. The combat in Devil May Cry 5 looks more super, a hint of extra sexy, and a dash more stylish than what we’ve seen before, and I can’t wait to “kick demon ass.”


Halo: Infinity

Hype Level: Infinity

A new Halo game always carries with it a high level of hype, but there were a couple things different about the way this game was revealed that steps up the hypeworthiness. Firstly, they’ve dropped the number in the title. This implies that it is a new kind of Halo game. Perhaps “Infinity” could mean that it has some sort of open-world. Secondly, people have pointed out that there was no console attached to the reveal. Could this mean that the game is coming to the next generation of Xbox? Phil Spencer did leave a passing comment about the next Xbox console at the Microsoft E3 press conference. I feel like that one It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia meme right now.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Hype Level: Prepare to Die Twice (But Expect to Die Many More Times)

We got the shortest tease ever for this game at last year’s Game Awards, but now we finally get a good look at what the Dark Souls team have in store. The trailer does a fantastic job of propelling this game into astronomical levels of hype. Check out our preview for Sekiro to see why the game is more than just Dark Souls in Japan.


Jump Force

Hype Level: It’s Over 9000!!

Excuse the low-hanging fruit for that hype level joke, but the point is that this game is uber hypeworthy. I hope no anime fans suffered from a heart attack when this was revealed at the Microsoft E3 press conference. Sure, it’s probably not the best game that was shown off at the show, but in what other game can you play as Naruto facing off against Goku? Well, actually you could in Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars for the DS, but this is the first time you can do it with full HD 3D graphics. We’ve already started compiling our wishlist of anime we want to join the game. Personally, I want my boy Yugi Moto in there.

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