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Every Major Game Skipping Steam & Taking Business Elsewhere in 2019 So Far

metro exodus

Every Major Game Skipping Steam & Taking Business Elsewhere in 2019 So Far

All Major Games Skipping Steam in 2019

Until recently, Steam was PC gaming. But with competition from other publishers hotting up, Valve’s grip on distribution is slipping and there are already some major games skipping Steam in 2019. Let’s take a look.

1. Crackdown 3 – Major Games Skipping Steam

Microsoft’s long-awaited exclusive is finally launching this quarter, but you won’t be able to access the game through Steam. The open-world shooter will release on Microsoft’s own Windows Store. This one shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to PC gamers, given that Microsoft has consolidated all of its exclusive games on the Windows store since the Play Anywhere initiative was launched.

2. Metro Exodus

4A Games upcoming story-driven shooter is set to deliver the definitive Metro experience; Exodus has caused a stir ever since its reveal on Microsoft’s E3 stage back in 2017. Now only weeks away from launch, Epic Games has swooped in and plucked distribution rights from Steam at the very last second. The game will now be available exclusives on the Epic Games Store, with only those who pre-ordered on Steam able to play the game via Valve’s client. Understandably, that’s caused quite a stir. Is this a trend we can expect moving forward?

3. Anthem

EA will be hoping Anthem is the next big multiplayer shooter of the generation, as it looks to emulate the success of franchises such as Destiny. Given the size of EA’s publishing might, as you’d expect, Anthem launches exclusively on its very own Origin launcher for PC gamers.

4. The Division 2

The Division 2 is another high-profile release abandoning Steam for the Epic Games Store in 2019. Perhaps most worryingly for Valve, Ubisoft isn’t just committed to exclusivity for this single game –they’ve announced the company will “partner on additional select titles.” For now, that doesn’t appear to include upcoming titles like Skull and Bones, but there will certainly be other games in 2019 that Steam misses out on.

5. Dauntless – Major Games Skipping Steam

If you enjoyed Monster Hunter World, Dauntless might be for you. It’s a proper monster hunting game set in its own unique world. Technically, the game is already out on PC in beta form, but for its full release, publisher Phoenix Labs is shifting from its own bespoke launcher to the Epic Games Store. Yep, it’s another exclusive smash and grab from Epic.

6. Telltales’ Walking Dead Final Season

Telltale Games’ studio closure was an unfortunate business, both for the fans of the series and the developers affected by its sudden demise. But just as its cancellation seemed to spell a tragic end for the season, publisher Skybound stepped in to rescue the day, funding the rest of the project to at least wrap up The Walking Dead Final Season. In typically shrewd fashion, Epic Games jumped at the opportunity to bring the final episodes to their platform exclusively. Sorry Steam.

7. Rage 2

Rage 2 is the sequel that nobody asked for. The original game was neither particularly interesting or sold all that well, and yet the upcoming Rage 2 does actually look very compelling. An awesome coming together of two experienced studios could deliver one of the more entertaining gameplay packages this year: Id Software’s expertise with gunplay, and Avalanche Studio’s knowhow with open world games. Publisher Bethesda isn’t willing to share the spoils with Steam, though, with Rage 2 marking the second recent Bethesda game to swerve steam. You’ll need to download and use Bethesda’s own client to play the game on PC.

8. World War Z

We’re hoping World War Z proves more than just another mediocre licensed game. It looks as though it has plenty of potential, with zombie hoards that replicate the movies’ gimmick, as well as the promise of cool co-op action similar to Left 4 Dead. Epic Games will certainly be hoping that combination proves a winner, as they’ve secured exclusivity for World War Z’s distribution on the Epic Games Store.

9. Hades

Developer Supergiant Games is known for their stylish action RPGs with titles like Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre under their belt. Its latest upcoming game, Hades, really caught the eye at The Game Awards 2018, showcasing what appears to be another hit in the making. If you remember, the night of The Game Awards was Epic Games’ first big assault on capturing PC exclusivity and Hades was among the lineup. You’ll need their client if you’re wanting to play Hades on your PC in 2019.

10. Fortnite – Major Games Skipping Steam

Yes, obviously, Fortnite isn’t coming to Steam. Epic Games’ flagship title, the beast that has facilitated the publisher’s new crusade to shake-up Valve’s monopoly of PC gaming, will certainly release on their own client when it finally does launch as a full package. You can include Save the World in that equation, too –the almost forgotten PvE experience that was the foundation for the original Fortnite game.

So there you have it –all the major games that are skipping Steam in 2019.

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