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Did You Miss These 6 Collector’s Editions Announced During E3?

The Last Guardian

Did You Miss These 6 Collector’s Editions Announced During E3?

Get those wallets ready.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole E3, The Last Guardian E3, Horizon: Zero Dawn E3, ReCore E3, Dishonored, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Titanfall 2

The cost of collector’s editions seems to be increasing all the time, as developers try to find the biggest and best things to include in the package. Titanfall 2 kicks things up a notch by giving players a full size wearable helmet from the game that includes lights and tactical accessories like a laser sight. That’s not all of course as the package also comes with an 8GB dog tag flash drive, aluminum case field journal, squad moral patches, a Vanguard scarf and the Deluxe version of the game itself. This hefty package is only for a true Titanfall fan though, as it’s going to cost a pretty $250.

The goodies in Dishonored 2’s collector’s edition may not all be wearable, but it’s definitely a bit cheaper at the $99.99 price point. The package comes with a collectible “Legacy” metal case displaying both Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin, a wearable replica of Emily’s ring along with a display case, a propaganda poster, a 13.5″ tall replica of Corvo’s iconic mask and even a copy of Dishonored: Definitive Edition. It’s a neat little package, but Bethesda has said there will be a very limited number of the edition, so you better jump right on it if you’re interested.

Now we switch from the head wear to statues, with ReCore’s recently announced collector’s edition. Even though the game will only cost $40 at at launch, that doesn’t stop it from getting a hefty $180 edition. The gorgeous looking statue depicts the main character Joule and her ally K-9, similar to the scene on the exclusive steelbook included. You also get a lithograph featuring an action scene with Joule, and a Corebot alphabet decoder dial, which no one has any idea what it’s for yet.

Is there anyone that hasn’t ever wanted a 6″ tall Carman in a superhero raccoon suit figure? Well that’s exactly what your getting with this collector’s edition along with a collectible box, copy of the game and three postcards all for $100. If all that wasn’t enough the box also snags you some exclusive costumes, and every copy of the game comes with a copy of the original South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Statues and figures are always a popular commodity for collector’s editions, and Horizon: Zero Dawn helps fit the bill. For $120 this collector’s edition comes packed with goodies, first and foremost of which is the 9″ detailed statue of Alloy, the game’s heroine. Past that players will get their hands on; an exclusive colorful steelbook, copy of the game, 48 page art book, exclusive PS4 theme and a whole host of DLC items.

The Last Guardian finally has a release date after a long development cycle, and it has a pretty snazzy collector’s edition to go along with it. An adorable statue of the boy standing atop a sleeping Trico, comes packaged in a box that resembles a crate. The package also grants you a beautiful steelbook case, 10-track digital soundtrack, sticker sheet and a huge 72 page art book. The statue alone might be worth the $120 price tag, not to mention everything else included.

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