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16 DIY Gaming Gifts Ideas for the Holidays 2018


16 DIY Gaming Gifts Ideas for the Holidays 2018

16 DIY Gaming Gifts Ideas for Holidays 2018

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The holidays are right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing the love through gifts. Sure, you can always buy the most powerful console on the market, but nothing beats a personal gift made with love. If you’re looking for some great presents, here are 16 DIY gaming gift ideas for the coming holidays.

Ring Box

Valentine’s Day is still a few months away, but that doesn’t mean that you can make this adorable ring box. This cute gaming gift is easy to make and is a throwback to the classic “It’s dangerous to go alone” line from the Zelda series.

Since it’s a DIY gift, you can always mix up the design and base it around your favorite series instead. Either that you can turn it into some sort of storage box to keep your games or other gaming-related peripherals.

Tetris Fridge Magnets

A perfect gift for children, the Tetris fridge magnets lets you play this classic game right in your kitchen. Best of all, this DIY gaming gift is extremely easy to make. All you need are a few beads, some glue, and magnets to get started. This is also a great holiday project to work on with the kids if you need a few extra helpers.

Nintendo Switch Cookies

Can’t afford a Nintendo Switch for the holidays? Why not bake cookies of the console instead. These Nintendo Switch cookies are a great gaming gift idea for those Nintendo fans, and they look cute as they are delicious.

You can make these cookies in batches to save time and hand them out as soon as they’re ready. Everybody loves cookies, so you can’t go wrong with going DIY and baking your gaming gifts instead.

Question Block Box

If you know someone who needs a little more storage space, you can gift them this Question Block box for this holidays. It’s a Super Mario special, coming complete with that iconic question mark and yellow paint.

This DIY gaming gift takes a bit more time than most, although the pay-off is definitely worth it. You can store plenty of items inside, and it’s functional enough to fit in any room. If you have plenty of spare time, why not make this box for that Super Mario fanboy friend?

The Legend of Zelda Treasure Chest

If you know someone who rather prefers Zelda over Mario, you can hand over this treasure chest instead. Inspired by the classic chests in the Zelda series, this is gaming gift is the perfect place to stuff all your hidden treasures and what not.

It’s a classic gaming item brought to life, and this DIY project isn’t too hard to make either. As long as you have a wooden box and some paint lying around, you’re pretty much good to go. If you’re feeling a bit creative, maybe you can even add in that treasure sound whenever you open the chest.

Animal Crossing Printed Cushion

This Animal Crossing printed cushion is perfect for that friend who’s waiting for the big game coming next year. As the name implies, this DIY gaming gift is a comfy sofa pillow that’s perfect for napping or if you need something to hug during your long gaming sessions.

There’s a bit of sewing involved, so make sure you have your sewing kit ready. However, the process is pretty simple, and it shouldn’t take you too long to make it. Simple and functional, it’s the perfect gift for any Animal Crossing fan.

Zelda Heart Necklace

Another great gift for couples, this Zelda heart necklace is two pieces of a whole. You can link them together to form the complete 8-bit heart, which acts as Link’s health meter in the Zelda series.

All you really need to do for this gaming gift is just print out the design and grab some chains to attach it to. It’s quick and easy, and you can even make this project together with your special someone.

Catpanion Cube

If you know a huge Portal fan who also loves cats, then this gaming gift is for them. You can kill two birds with one stone with this Catpanion Cube, which is a snuggly home for any cute kitten.

The Catpanion Cube is a reference to the Companion Cube from Portal, which is one of the few items you use to solve your tests. There’s no hard science involved here, however, as you’ll only need a few materials to make this DIY project yourself.

Poke Ball Table Lamp

Why buy ordinary night lights when you can have this Poke Ball table lamp instead? Another great holiday gift for kids, this lamp provides just enough light for a good night’s sleep. Moreover, you can pair it up with any other Pokemon figurines or merch you have lying around. The only items you’ll need to make this gaming gift are a globe lamp, some red spray paint, tape, and a few other materials that are easy to get your hands on.

Block Shelf

Here’s another take on the Super Mario block: you can turn it into a shelf instead of a box. You can store stuff items such as toys, books, games, or pretty much anything you want inside this gaming gift. More importantly, everything’s kept organized and doesn’t leave any clutter in your room.

The DIY process itself isn’t too time-consuming, although you might have to shell out a pretty penny for the materials. That said, the Block Shelf is still a great gift to give anyone, especially kids, during the holidays. Can’t go wrong with this DIY gaming gift.

Claptrap Trash Can

Remember that witty robot from Borderlands 2? Well, now you can bring him to life as a trash can. It’s pretty ironic, seeing as how he lives in a place filled with so much junk.

This DIY project is sure to brighten up any gamer’s day, but it isn’t easy to make. There are plenty of materials that go into making Claptrap, so make sure you read the instructions carefully. The payoff is definitely worth all of the effort that goes into making this, and if you want, you can even add a voice box that lets the trash can speak.

Overwatch Pachimari Cupcakes

Overwatch fans are gonna get a kick out of getting these Pachimari cupcakes as gifts for the holidays. Don’t be fooled by their ingredients, as this onion and turnip cupcake packs quite the sweet kick.

As with the cookies, you can make these cupcakes in batches to save time. Apart from being great gaming gifts, they also make wonderful party favors if you’re throwing a holiday celebration.

Mega Man Beanie

What better way to warm up this winter than by making a Mega Man helmet beanie? All it takes is a bit of yarn and a needle to whip up this stylish gaming gift. The instructions are fairly easy to follow, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble making them if you’re a seasoned crocheter. Hands-down a great gaming gift for friends and family.

Monster Hunter Paolumu Doll

Monster Hunter World fans are in for a treat with this adorable Paolumu doll. The Paolumu is a formidable foe to hunt, but who knew that it would also make the perfect stuffed toy? There’s a bit of elbow greasing that goes into making this, but it’s hands-down one of the best gaming gifts for kids and Monster Hunter fans alike.

Final Fantasy Wall Clock

Ever since Final Fantasy XII hit the shelves, fans could finally make their own personal wall clock. If you have any friends who love Final Fantasy, this will make the perfect holiday present. It’s really simple to make, so long as you have a spare clock lying around. All you really need to do is just print the cutouts and attach them to your clock. Definitely a great DIY gaming gift to give.


Sackboy was, and will always be, one of the go-to gaming gifts because of how cute he looks and easy to make. Whether you’re a crocheter or not, you’ll have no trouble following these simple instructions on how to make one. Apart from handing him out as presents, you can also hang him on your Christmas tree or place him inside a stocking. One of the best gaming gifts to give.

That wraps up our list for  16 DIY gaming gifts ideas for the holidays. Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments below. If you’re looking for more holiday gift ideas, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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