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5 Best Overwatch Halloween Skins From This Year’s Event

Halloween Overwatch

5 Best Overwatch Halloween Skins From This Year’s Event

5 Best Overwatch Halloween Skins From This Year’s Event

Overwatch Halloween Terror is back, adding in a slew of new cosmetics. While we hadn’t gotten any new game modes this year, there are a good handful of skins to choose from. All of them are pretty great, although there are definitely a few costumes that stand out among the rest. Here are the best Overwatch Halloween Terror skins from this year.

Bride Sombra

Sombra’s no stranger to good skins, with Tulum from the Summer Games and Rime from Winter Wonderland. This time around, she’s trading in her purple threads for a makeshift bridal gown for her Overwatch Halloween Terror costume.

The ripped dress and green paint job work wonders on the Overwatch hacker hero, making her looking nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous. However, she still looks like something you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alleyway, looking frightening with her dirty bandages and lifeless yellow eyes.

While some fans were definitely expecting Moira or even Zarya to become to the bride, Sombra still fills the role perfectly. It’s just a shame that she wasn’t a new addition to Jukenstein’s crew in this year’s Overwatch Halloween Terror arcade mode.

Banshee Moira

Moira might not have gotten her bridal gown, but she still looks amazing in her new threads in Overwatch. Trading her scientist coat for rags, this Talon healer looks terrifying as the banshee. There’s a lot of detail in this skin, from her face paint down to the patterns in her ripped outfit.

This is also the first time we see Moira with longer (and whiter) hair, giving her a ghastly vibe with her deathly pale skin and glowing purple eyes. That purple glowing spirit energy also looks way more menacing than her normal scientific tubes, while her pack sports a very intricate and elegant design.

Slasher: 76

Halloween isn’t complete with a killer on the loose, and Soldier: 76 is here to fix that for us in Overwatch Halloween Terror. We’ve gotten vampire slayers, a pirate, a witch, a banshee, and even a totally 80s costume in the past, so it’s finally about time we finally get a slasher skin.

Slasher: 76 is a terrifying ode to the horrifying killers on the big screen – a clear amalgam of icons such as Leatherface (the weapon) and Jason Voorhees (the mask). The only thing missing really is a reference to Michael Myers, the king of Halloween. Slasher: 76 looks like something you’d definitely see in a slasher film, and is a great addition to the growing pool of terrifying Halloween skins in Overwatch.

Jack-O’-Lantern Wrecking Ball

Hammond’s finally gotten his first Overwatch event skin, and it doesn’t disappoint. The little hamster has traded in his mech for a huge pumpkin that looks like something out of Cinderella. While this would have been the perfect opportunity to give Hammond poofy blonde hair and a blue ball gown, he’s dressed up as a scarecrow instead.

If there’s one thing that really stands out in this Overwatch skin, it’s the elaborate carvings on the pumpkin mech. Not to mention that the feet are creatively molded as leaves while the guns are tangled vines. Here’s hoping we see more skins that mold Hammond’s mech.

Enchanted Armor Pharah

Rounding out our best skins for Overwatch Halloween Terror, we have Pharah and her enchanting new armor. If you’ve ever wanted to see this skybound hero as a mystical knight, then you’ve got it. Her shining white armor laced with golden plates looks like something out of a children’s book, except for the fact that it’s all being controlled by a spirit.

The Enchanted Armor ski truly shines during Pharah’s POTG when she removes it, only to reveal that there was never anything inside. Similarly, whenever Pharah dies during combat, the armor crumbles to pieces and falls flat on the ground.

It’s these little details that really make Pharah’s Enchanted Armor skin one of the best cosmetics in the Overwatch Halloween Terror event.

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