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25 Incredible Halo Cosplays That You’ll Have to See to Believe


25 Incredible Halo Cosplays That You’ll Have to See to Believe

Spartans never die.

The entire Halo series is a classic and was groundbreaking from the very beginning. For that very reason, it’s no surprise that tons of cosplayers dedicate much of their time and money to bringing their favorite Halo armor looks to life.

Many cosplayers decide to step into the shows of Master Chief himself and there’s no shortage of Cortana cosplay available on the web. These, however, are some of the best Halo cosplays yet. Professional cosplayers have created full body armor, realistic weapon props and have found creative ways to transform themselves into the gaming world’s most popular AI.


Cosplay by ohhaibroadcast


Cosplay by FragSandwich

The relationship between Master Chief and Cortana was a bond that any gamer would love to have. This cosplay brings both characters to life but a certain amount of credit is owed to FragSandwich who pulled off a stunning Cortana cosplay.

Halo Armor

Cosplay by CrimsonCrusader14

Noble 6 Halo Reach

Cosplay by MrOreo123

Halo 5 Kelly Cosplay

Cosplay by ItsRainingNeon

Another look at ItsRainingNeon cosplay

There aren’t many female cosplayers taking on Halo cosplays but ItsRainingNeon is repping for the women in a wonderful way. This cosplay is impressive not only for its visual appeal but also for the wide range of movement that can still be achieved after ItsRainingNeon has suited up in the Halo 5 Kelly armor.

Halo Reach Armor During Dragon Con Parade

Cosplay by TIMECON

Halo Reach Armor

Cosplay by TIMECON

This Halo Reach Armor was a favorite at Dragon Con back in 2012 and garnered tons of attention during the parade. TIMECON was featured by multiple publications for the armor that had realistic wear and tear added in a way that brought the spirit of Halo to life.


Cosplay by Hyokenseisou

Master Chief Halo Armor

Cosplay by John Wayne, Photographed by DugFinn

Halo 4 Recruit Armor

Cosplay by Hyperballistik

Master Chief and Noble 6

Cosplay by fcneko

ODST, Masterchief and Warthog

Cosplay by SnuggleMoogle

Halo Reach Emile A239

Cosplay by Alonso Flores

Skirmisher Jackal and Emile 239

Cosplay by Luis Diego Aguilar as Jackal and Alonso Flores as Emile 239

Halo Cosplay Illuminating ODST

Cosplay by CraftAccess


Cosplay by David Carpenter

Halo Reach Emile

Cosplay by Starside Armory


Cosplay by Pete Mander

Noble 6 Armor

Cosplay by AsgardianHammer

Female Spartan

Cosplay by Kitnipz


Cosplay by Evie-E

Halo 5 Master Chief Cosplay

Cosplay by VolkaSonika

Halo Legends

Cosplay by Angel Costumes and Ryuu Raigeki

Halo Hayabusa Armor made from eva foam

This was a particularly impressive display and a fun cosplay. Everything about the Hayabusa armor released for Halo 5: Guardians was badass and it channeled Ninja Gaiden character in a fantastic way. With that being said, it’s a particularly difficult armor to recreate but the challenge was none too large for Hyperballistik who has a reputation for creating some amazing Halo armors.

Cosplay by Hyperballistik

Halo 4 Hazop Spartan A-113

Cosplay by Asgardianhammer

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